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It was quite an eventful weekend with few sweet surprises thrown in. First things first... On Thursday I was leaving my workplace quite exhausted by 8:15 p.m, when my cousin called me offering to pick me for Thursday night roundings. We went to Mall of Emirates for strolling. Surprisingly I haven't been there even when I was there during the stay last time. I was stunned at the quality Sony's new DSLR range (Alpha) displayed in the Jumbo Showroom there. I didn't find the 'Mall of Emirates' special from other shopping malls, except that it houses the artificial snow valley in its top floor. They are charging Dhs 250 per person. We were not in a mood to shiver in already cold climate (I forgot to carry my jerkins), so we gave it a skip and no regrets. However I knew that the next day will be happy as I was planning to visit Akka's house at Abu Dhabi.

The next day dawned with a call from somebody who is special for me. I always had a compliant that this person, here in UAE, doesn't reciprocate my affection despite knowing well that I am besotted by him. I didn't call to inform him that I have landed Dubai. It is not that I hate or avoid him, but somewhere I got a feeling that my presence is nagging him and he could be well off without that. As a gift of love, I decided to gift him my absence, so I didn't call / mail him after coming here. After all love is not just about being together but making sure that the protagonist must be made comfortable with our actions. But he was so sweet to take my number from our common friends and called me on Friday morning to inform that he is leaving to India on a short leave and even dropped in to say a hi!!! God, he made my day... I will not surely nag him by my presence again, but will surely drop in to his house someday before leaving UAE.

{mosimage}I reached Abu Dhabi 1:30 hrs later than actually scheduled. Ananya and Mahadevan personally came to Bus Station to pick me. Akka was making fun saying 'Don't write in your blog that you are touched' but I couldn't resist writing this in my blog. Actually this is the second time I am seeing her. As mentioned in my previous blog, we started with mails / chat on net and before meeting each other we got very close that we have almost nothing for each other to let know about us. Admitted I have some apprehensions as how the physical meeting of 'virtual' friends is going to be, because two my earlier experiences of meeting the impersonal friends for real were not good. Most of the people who make friends online doesn't show their real personality. I don't mean that they are perverts, but internet anonymity helps in hiding the (natural) rough edges, which tear / hurt people when coming out. But Ananya and Mahadevan completely made me comfortable. Infact it is Mahadevan who floored me with his sweet nature and patience.

After a sumptous home lunch, we all headed to El Dorado for watching a Telugu movie called "Arundathi". I think 'Rappakal' was the last movie I saw in El Dorado. I used to watch only malaylam movies in that theatre because I used to get the DVDs of Tamil and Hindi. Also I saw selected movies that I didn't mind spending for them once in a while. The review of the movie will make for a separate post, but more than the movie I was excited about revisiting El Dorado and first movie with Akka and Mahadevan.

By evening I asked Ananya whether she'll be able to come out for a walk. The city hadn't changed much and a walk would make me relive those Abu Dhabi days again. I love the Corniche of Abu Dhabi very much and wanted to take a walk on it. Thankfully she agreed and we joined her brother-in-law to go for corniche. But we met with a small accident ( A taxi driver scratched our vehicle while overtaking for a curve) and we had to go to Shabiya Police Station for the compliant. While waiting for the policeman to come to the spot, we had a good chat, which went on like as if we were kid buddies. Anyway I'll come to Abu Dhabi again so let me take a walk on Corniche at that time.

{mosimage}We returned home taking a Zatar (sesamed Lebanese bread) and I had to start back. The conversation we had at that time was still more intresting. It was about how much to be guile in this parasitic world. My arguement was that every human who are able to believe people are blessed, no matter whether they are taken advantage of. By the passage of time, we can learn to identify people, but if you lacked the basic virtue of believing people, you can never be able to love and eventually going to lead a materialistic and suspicious life. Don't know whether Ananya accepted my perspective but the conversation was good.

Left Abu Dhabi by Al Ghazal transport and reached my place by 11:15 p.m. Thus a nice weekend came to an end and the regular grind started again.


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