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Rather than writing small blogs, I decided to compile 2-3 posts under the title of Dubai Diary series. 28th Feb 2008. I went to Radhakrishnan's accomodation on Friday and just envied his room. He is in a sharing accomodation and his room is in the landmark building - Bank of Baroda near the Burdubai's Abra (Boat Station). Quite a landmark building that it can be visible from almost more than a kilometer with large neon light hoardings of BOB. His room has a beautiful balcony from which you get a breath taking sea view and ofcourse the Dubai creek. I kicked myself for not carrying my camera when I went there. Evening we went for a stroll along the creek and visited the old house of Dubai's sheikh which is now converted into a museum. Also dropped into the Heritage village near by. My regrets of not taking the camera grew manifolds and I consoled myself saying that I'll be back to these places on 9th Feb (Miladi Nabhi) if they announce a holiday for us. More photos of these places on 9th... it is a promise.
{mosimage}01/03/2009 - Today the day started on an intresting with a taxi driver chat. He humorously gave a lot of details of the murky underbelly of Dubai which the drivers have lot of access to. The rampant prostitution (no wonder because the female male ratio of Dubai is about 90:10, where the 90% male comprises 'years of sexually abstinent work force who had come back here after a vacation marriage) and the way the prostitutes try to take advantage of the sexually starved taxi drivers. Some say upfront that they can't pay meter money offering the drivers to f**k them, some carressing the "upper thighs" of the drivers while requesting him to stop the meter running. However the drivers have their target of Dhs. 400/- per day, which means they stand to lose a major chunk of income if not meeting the targets by indulging such kinds of erotic encounters. That Thrissur native driver humorously narrated few anectodes where the RTA authorities in disguise check the integrity of the drivers and also the stories him scaring the passengers who tried to pimp him. വെഡി വൈക്കാനല്ല എണ്ടെ ജോലി, വണ്ഡി ഒഡിക്കുണ്ണഥു മാത്രം..ടാക്സി ട്രൈവര്ക്കു പലഥുമ് കിട്ടുമ്.. ഛിലപ്പോ ഇഥിണ്ടെ തേശ്ട് കണ്ടാലേ ഈ ട്രൈവരുടെ ഷംഭലം മുഉവനുമ് നശ്ഹ്ട്ടപ്പെടുമ്...(My job is not pimping but driving.. the taxi drivers have access to many of these things and if we get the taste of these prostitutes, all our income will be lost). He also told a lot about the customer compliants and subsequent cuts in salary. Even though the talk had a lot about the sin, sex and the city of Dubai, it showed the murkier side of Dubai.

{mosimage}01/03/2009 - While driving back we got another driver who was talking about the recession taking toll on the life of Dubai residents. Even though this driver is a malayalee, he spoke in Tamil with a thick accent. He said that the expat population is on a mass exodus and most of them waiting for school exams to be over by April. He went a lot on about the unfriendly policies adopted by the government to harrass the expats with rules like - One Villa One family, where the expats couldn't afford a whole villa, rules to curb the Indian taxi driver population but all the policies later backfired. Admitted the life of expats, that too of lower strata is still more tough, but I personally feel that until you start feeling possessive about this place you can survive and make money. It is better to succumb to the whims and fancies of some other nation rather than being boot licking the local (Indian) politicians back home.

{mosimage}02/03/2009 - Normally I don't write much about the professional life of mine, but today I felt like writing because of a sort of self assurance I am getting with this project. Atleast I have got an idea of how much to tell about the capabilities of SAP to the customers because too much of knowledge imparting unnecessarily increases their unrealistic expectations. I have the confidence that I can definitely propose a simple solution, in tune with the intellectual capacity of the customer, for their problems. Sometimes the problem of some over enthusiastic functional consultants is that out of zeal to show their complex product knowledge, they fail to look at the simple possible solution. Oflate I am shedding my inferiority complex that I don't know as much as my colleague knows. As long as the issues are solved with the present knowledge and we keep learning new things, no need to fret with inferiority complex.

Got an unexpected early leaving today... Will get the photos of Heritage village for sure.

{oshits} readers for my Dubai Diary's first entry...!!!!