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I always pity the Dubai's RTA taxi divers, poor souls they slog for the commission which is their bread winner. So they try to prolong the journey if they realise that you are a stranger to the town. However I have learnt to instruct them the right way if they tend to stray. One thing is that you talk to them in a humane manner and strike a right chord with them. I always try to keep talking with them when they travel and some drivers are intresting personalities. Yesterday while returning to Bur Dubai from Ras Al Khor, our working place, there was a huge traffic jam. Our taxi driver was dull and regretted that whatever route he went that day, he was getting struck in the traffic jam, so couldn't make much trips. I really felt sorry for him, while getting down I just told him that "मै आपकॆ कियॆ धुआ करता हू कि आपका बाकि दिन और कल अच्छा हॊ!" (Let me pray for you that the rest of your day and tommorrow be a good day). The smile these words put on his face was refreshing. Even though I couldn't do anything more than this for him, I just hope these kind of soothing and positive words drive his day better. - {oshits} reads