{mosimage}I don’t know when I started feeling it, but know how I started doing so. Please don’t laugh…. I started it after seeing the Malayalam movie “Life is Beautiful” where Mohanlal keeps saying this through out the movie and follows it.

1. Are you tensed in the office?
Say “Life is Beautiful…” you will find a relief and things will go in your satisfaction.

2.Are you feeling lonely?
Think “Life is Beautiful…” and suddenly you’ll find the whole world is for you.

3.Are you frustrated that things are not going the way you expected?
Think “Life is Beautiful…” and accept the things the way they are, you’ll be happy.

Hey! Don’t think that you should say “Life is Beautiful” only in the time of distress.

1.Say “Life is beautiful…” when you are being complimented and appreciated, you’ll find the confidence growing forever.

2.When you are happily walking or strolling around, say “Life is Beautiful…”, you’ll feel that happiness is here to stay forever.

3.Keep saying “Life is Beautiful..” when you have a good evening, a good dinner, watching a good movie, listening to good music, reading a good book, you’ll feel like growing younger day by day.

Can you be happy just by keep saying “Life is Beautiful..”?

Answer lies within you.

{mosimage}There are only two kinds of things in this world. One is what you can control and another is what you can’t control or what controls you. If you bother about things that you can control, stop worrying; think sensibly on what you have to do next, you’ll be happy soon. No problem is big until it costs your life and your family.

When the things that you cannot control trouble you, stop worrying. You cannot control them, so just wait for the right tide. Just keep your moral afloat, don’t let your sprits drown. Things will fall into places and you will be happy. I don’t mean to be reckless or irresponsible, but it is just a matter of patience and perseverance.

Always feel the happiness inside you. Be happy unconditionally. If you think that you’ll be happy only if you get this, that, etc… you’ll never be happy. Once you get one, you’ll think of another. If you are in dumps, see the people of lower strata; you’ll feel that you are in a better position. Thank God for giving you good things in life. Just take a glance at the newspaper, see the mindless violence and immoral, you’ll feel that you are safe. Think of your friends in a better position than you as inspiration to make it big, don’t feel insecure. Things will change, you wont be what you are now forever. After all they too have worries.

If you feel that I’ll be happy only if I am with this person & so on, you are blundering majorly. Search the love and happiness in you. If you can’t love you and keep you happy, how can you expect others to love you and keep you happy. If you are happy unconditionally, it’ll reflect in your routines and others will be attracted. If not, it might send negative vibes and chances are there that most people will keep away.

Keep yourself happy. Don't mind being called as "Narcisst". (Narcissus is a Greek guy who fell in love with him, seeing his reflection in a lake. So in psychological terms self-focussed is called as "Narcissm"). Indulge in activities that keep you happy, satiating your creative pleasure buds. Booze and illegal sex will always land you in troubles. Once you starts seeing life in this perspective, you’ll find live is really beautiful. After all life is too short to be spent worrying.

Life is beautiful…. Live it…. Love it…. Enjoy it.. (This is my signature line, so don’t copy it, follow it…. Ha! Ha! Ha!) 

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