Once I read in a Sharukh Khan's interview that for Indians cinema is like brushing the teeth and it can't be avoided any day. Seems it is too true. Oflate I notice that in any social gatherings people speak more about cinema, cricket and mega serials. Gone are the days where people were more concerned about the relatives (even in the form of gossipping). Recently I went to a funeral. After a while people we talking like "You know, Vikram had crooned all the songs for Kandhaswamy", "Heard that Naan Kadavul is good. Any reviews?"... sort of conversations were in rife. It was quite disgusting. There are lot of things, leave out intellectual stuffs, to be discussed in a common life, but why the fcuk only cinema is being discussed all over.

Nowadays I am really dreading to go to anybody's place because people are always seriously engaged in watching some craps dished out in the form of movie or mega serials, and I don't have a control over their TV. Atleast I try to get in conversation with my cousins and nephews / nieces but all their conversation are centered around "Padikkadhavan nalla irukkame?", "Jeyam Ravi andha padathule cute-aa irunthaan illai"... Once I felt enough is enough and blatantly asked "Can you please talk anything other than cinema?" No wonder Tamilnadu will always get CMs from cinema only.

It is not that I hate movies, infact I always have a regard for the art of movie making and my choice of movies definitely suggests the kind of personality I am. Even though I watch few selected movies an year, when I do, it is watched with a passion, an eye for techniques, deyails and the amount of hardwork that went in that flick. I am always welcome to dissect a movie and discuss in fine details, but I can't do the same all the time. I can understand my nieces in their adoloscent age having a craving for the cinema and at that age it is quite natural. Thats why I avoid myself engaging in too much conversation with the kids studying in 10 - 12th standard because at that age, the kick of the movies & star attraction is so high in them that they can't think of anything else.

My niece Indhu is an example for that. Since her 9th standard she is an avid movie buff and a big drooler over the onscreen heroes, that I tried to make her understand that too much movies are not good for her, but I failed in my mission. I didn't meet that much after that and now she is in her second year B.E. During our recent meeting I found that she had developed a fatigueness towards the movies and during our trip to Yercaud, she spoke a lot about various topics under the sun with very little about movies. After a very long time I enjoyed the conversation with her.

{mosimage}On the other hand my another niece who is in 11th std now is fully intoxicated with "Jeyam Ravi" addiction. While I tried to dissuade her bluffing about actors I ended up infuriating her. I reprimanded my wife for encouraging my niece's obsession by she discussing about "Jeyam Ravi" with that niece. Unfortunately my wife is not that much matured in this aspect. This incident left a bitter taste between us. After that I decided that I am not going to meet her for next couple of years.

Think I am going to end up as a lone soul in this process of 'purging' cinema in the normal conversation of people around me, still I have no regrets. Don't know how many people around me will actually 'grow up' to realise that there are lot in life other than cinema, cricket and TV serials.

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