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Editor: Awesome list of oft repeated things you come across in desi sex stories. Please feel free to add your thoughts, suggestions and observations in the comments. Thanks.

1. Your best friend is so often impotent that his wife is always looking for someone to quench her thirst.
2. The husband of your next door neighbour is so busy minting money that he has forgotten he has a wife and God sends you to do the needful.
3. Your cousin all of sudden develops into this voluptuous beauty that you can not take your eyes off her.
4. While in a car, you so often brush the breasts-thighs of your colleague-neighbour who has asked for a lift cause her own car broke down.

5. Your dick is always bigger than that of your neighbour’s husband. You ask her during sex and she confirms too.

6. The girl in question is always wet whether you have touched her hair or her breasts just before you touch her there. Some turn on your presence is.

7. The cunt in question is either clean shaven or has a thick bush. It has never been shaved a week before.

8. Your neighbour never forgets to tell you that she has never had so much fun with anyone.

{mosimage}9. She seldom forgets to tell that she has not slept with anyone except her husband and you are the Greek God that has forced her to abandon her loyalty.

10. Like an X rated film, your GF-neighbour will always put your dick in her mouth first and then in her pussy. I wonder whether this sequence is ever going to change.

11. She will always scream “Please bahar nikalo dard ho raha hai” whether she is a virgin or not. In the latter case, your well endowed asset is the culprit.

12. You always get a virgin to screw though you always have a wealth of experience. Even if she is a married woman with a 6 year old kid she is still tight as hell because her hubby has stopped screwing her for the last X number of years.

13. The aunty standing in front of you in the bus always turns and smiles when you rub your dick on her plump posterior. What sins did I commit to not deserve this?

14. You are never satisfied with a single fuck. You always have sex “thrice more and in various positions”.

15. There is always more to the tale and you “will disclose it in the next part.”

16. The girl-female in question always shifts to another town 2 months after having sex with you.(Hmmm strange)

17. Whether she shifts or not, you are still looking for “girls, aunties, bhabis” in and around your areas. (You are one pervert huh)

18. Your colleague-co-passenger so easily agrees to share a hotel room with you because there is only one room and two people.

{mosimage}19. Your girlfriend likes your cum more than her favorite fruit juice, so she happily swallows it to the last drop and licks you dry even if she has put a dick in her mouth for the first time.

20. You are always this 6 feet muscular good looking guy who has girls going crazy but you don’t give a damn about them.

21. The best girl in college has hoardes of boys behind her but she only talks to you.

{oshits} readers for this observation on desi porn movies
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