RomanceOnce while I was talking to my friend about the love stories, I said we Indians are more voyeuristic than any other race in the world. That’s why we have so much of love stories churned out in every form of literature either it be books or sculptures or even movies. He said voyeuristic is something else. Yeah I admit, voyeuristic means " getting pleasure by watching two individuals indulging in pleasure activities like sex", but it is not widely different from our romantic offerings. I think most of those who enjoy love stories somewhere put themselves in the lead characters and derive happiness. I don’t deny that sometimes while seeing some romantic scenes I connect myself to the protagonists, and I am putting the favourite romantic scenes that touched me all these days.


1. Romantic scenes that appealed me

TezaabThis scene in "Tezaab" is the first ever-romantic scene that made an impact in me, where Anil breaks into villain's place, to rescue Madhuri. She is locked in a dark room and there is only one torch with Anil. He is having a feeling of hatred towards her that she ditched him, while Madhuri was made to believe that Anil is dead. The torch rolls and flashes alternatively on Anil and Madhuri's face. Madhuri thinks Anil's face as illusion and speaks something that he realizes his mistake and he is in tears. He hugs her and someone knocks the door overhearing their conversation. She pleads him to leave the place and he goes and turns back immediately to give a tight hug.

God…. I have never ever come across any scene that has such an intense passion. I don't want that impact to be diluted that’s why I hadn't seen that movie again. Same goes for "Keh doge tum…." song from the same movie. I'll switch channels immediately I see it on TV. I could hear it thousand times but the visual impact it made at that time is something I don’t want to be recreated or diluted.

2. Moments after first proposal are magic.

Vijay, ShaliniA scene that mesmerised me is from Kadhalukku Mariyadhai. After so much of dilemma Shalini decides to accept Vijay's love and expresses it. But he refuses saying that he has to discuss with his friends and they urge him to accept her. The lovers were left alone and the silent moment that follows is magical. They speak through eyes and that is the moment I enjoyed after a long time.

3. Subtlety always works

HAHKI remember this scene in "Hum Aapke Hain Kaun". In the movie Salman arrives late from the office while his Brother, bhabi and other members are away for some function. Madhuri cooks for him and gives a call to his office. The sweet conversation and the way Salman makes physical advancements in the kitchen and virtually no protest from Madhuri giving out clear signals that she enjoys it, is one of the beautiful romantic scenes I had come across. In the same movie at the end of "Jhoote de do.." song, where Madhuri & Salman fall on the bed and while getting up, he twists her hand in the back, making her excited and leaves it is a kind of erotic moment.

4. Untold love is more romantic, I feel

DDLJIf that’s a kind of passion another romantic scene that got carved in my memory is the song "Ho gaya hai…" from DDLJ. The situation is a bit complexed. Shah Rukh and Kajol feel the love for each other but keep it under wraps because Kajol's father had committed a relationship for Kajol. At the time both separate, they want to stop other but couldn't and the words go like these….

Dekha na tune mudke bhi peeche (You didn't turn back and see)
Kuch dher to main ruka thaa(I waited for sometime there)

Jab dil ne tujhko rokna chaaha(When my heart wanted to stop you)
Door tu jaa chuka thaa (You had gone far)

Hua kyaa …(What happened)
Na jaana…(I don't know)

Yeh dil kyon…(Why is this heart….)

5. Magical Mani's touch

There is this scene in Maniratnam's "Alaipayuthey…" where Madhavan musters some courage to meet Shalini in her college and she asks "Are you a last bencher, take life seriously, etc, etc…." and then walks back. Madhavan calls her and when she turns he waves his hands at her, she accepts it in turn. There was a heavy round of applause for this scene in the theatre.

6. The moment you feel the love is wonderful

In the malayalam super hit "Niram", Kunchacko Boban sees the birthday card signed by Shalini that "She'll be only a heart beat away and whenever he wants to see her, just close the eyes and she'll be visible". Then Kunchacko boban closes the eyes and sees Shalini, and breaks into the evergreen romantic melody "Mizhiariyathe…" All the gestures he did in that song, including the soft way he sings, is something I identified with and took close to my heart. That’s why that song is my all time favourite. The freshness and ecstasy of falling in love is something I wish every human being should experience. It is a divine feeling.

7. Romance or erotic

RangeelaI make no bones in accepting that "Tanha Tanha…" song from "Rangeela" is one of my most favourite, not only to hear but to watch also. The song is supposed to be the imagination of Jackie Shroff's character that is romantically involved with this girl. Through out the song, I could sense that passion not only in the Jackie Shroff's face, but the whole body language conveys so much of erotic messages. If you hadn't noticed, do watch again carefully. Even though some of you might dismiss it as a skin show, with Jackie Shroff & Urmila in swimming trunks, I felt it romantic. I believe eroticism underlies in all romance. The guy who kisses his girlfriend's hands in a candle light dinner will surely want to do something, atleast kiss her lip, in back of his mind.

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