Atlast I have been hitched only to ditch my bachelorhood soon. After a heartbreaking incident, it took me exactly an year to say 'Yes' to marriage. Today it was formally decided that the marriage will be held sometime in December '08. Lot of other formalities are yet to be decided like who has to relocate where as my fiancee is currently placed in Bangalore. She is the third girl I had met in the pretext of marriage. First girl, whom I like a lot and still in touch with, couldn't make it due to disagreements in parent levels, Second girl, whom both the parents approved, ditched me when she learnt that my salary was less than her's by Rs. 5000/- p.m (It is another story that I moved to this company with a 50% hike after that incident) and this one is the third and final. It was really a tiresome journey as I was more concerned that how the person will take a 'NO'. Everytime I decided that things won't work, telling the 'NO' was very tough as it might hurt the girl. Today after the things are finalised formally by the elders, I became gloomy suddenly as if something of mine is leaving me. Probably because I always put myself first ahead of the rest, so the very thought of losing the 'freedom' gave a heavy heart. Guys, please just pray and wish all the best for me....

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I am a SAP Consultant in my late 30s, residing in the happeing IT City - Bangalore. My interests vary from reading to travelling to handicrafts to photography. My latest interest is on Body building. May be this vivid interest keeps me going in my life without getting bored.