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Oflate I have stopped writing music reviews - simple... that no today's music intrests me, or compels me to record my opinion about it. Infact lack of soul in today's music either in Tamil or Malayalam or even Hindi had made me revisit the golden period of Indian Film Music i.e late 70's - mid90's. With Maestro Illayaraja making a rapid stride in comeback with small budget films like "Kangalum Kavi Paaduthey" or "Mallepoovu (Telugu)" or "Vinodayatra" & "Innathe Chinta Vishayam (Mal.)", my playlist is filled by him only. So I just thought of how to share my playlist with you, suddenly I remembered my old account with "IMEEM" that I signed up 9-10 months ago. Like weekly Top 10 programmes, I have decided to share my playlist (mostly melodies) with you all. Hope you'll like them. No need of hanging around in the same page, just launch the stand alone player and continue your browsing. Happy music..

{oshits} listeners for this playlist, I hope....