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I wanted to see this movie but couldn't in theatre as well as DVD. Last weekend I received this surprise package from Filmfare - a collection of 10 DVDs including KKC. The movie by Sudhir Mishra is brilliant in parts but a hogwash on whole. The sheer maginificance of 60-s era recreated by Art director Gautam & Sachin Krishn's cinematography blows your mind in awe, Shantanu Moitra's compositions rooted in melody soothes your ears. Besides these I couldn't remember what we had seen for previous 2 1/2 hrs. The movie set in the early 60s of Bollywood gives a sense of disgust that it is all about casting couch. When Nikhat remembers her first casting couch (rape) at the age of 14, it leaves a lump in your throat. But Nikhat using the same method with reigning superstar to reach the stardom is not something that we sympathise with her. Also some characters are hazy - is Superstar Prem a lecherous creature? or who just takes advantage of the ambitiousness of Nikhat? When Zafar goes to bed with his new muse Ratanbala, we couldn't differentiate him from Prem. Nikhat sleeps with Prem, then with Zafar, on the other hand Zafar sleeps with Ratanbala.... grrrrr!!!!

The story draws reference from various life quarters of Bollywood divas' starry affairs - Meenakumari with Kamal Amrohi, Madhubala with Dilip Kumar and Waheeda Rahman with Guru Dutt. Soha looks good but is too fragile to carry the film on her shoulders. Shiny is broody & melancholic - very similar to what we had seen him in Metro, Woh Lamhe and Gangster. So we couldn't empathise with neither Nikhat nor Zafar played by Soha Ali Khan and Shiney Ahujha respectively. Director Sudhir Mishra's passion towards the film is very much evident but the focus is misplaced. Trivia is that Sudhir wanted Vidya Balan to play Nikhat, but she nixed this film that she couldn't identify with the role, that made Sudhir to lambast Vidya in print that success had gone into her head. A wise decision from Vidya's part!!!


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