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MasochistI learnt a lesson last night "Never take a liking for your masochist friend".... No, it is not that you hate them but please do a favour by not trying to get closer to them. Who is a masochist? We come across some people who enjoys the pains of trauma and loneliness no matter how much successful they are in life. Psychology terms these people as "masochists" who enjoy their pains, romanticise their sufferings. They love people showering attention towards them, but not in reciprocating them but feel elated in swatting their love. I have a friend who unfortunately had been subjected to a personal tragedy in his mid twenties. We all tried to make him feel comfortable by giving all our love and support to him with no expectations. But last night we realised that what we are doing is giving adverse effects.

Let us see a small background about the masochists. Everybody goes through some tragic incidents in their life, even though their degree might vary. Most of the people just move on again the duration to resurrect themselves varies on the individuals, but normally put things back and go ahead in life. Apart from them some people are there who think that they are "special" or "different" just because they had underwent those painful moments. These people are mostly masochists. They love attention and affection, but when you offer your love to them they will keep you in a distance. Even though they say that they don't like others' sympathy, they unconsciously give out their cravings for being attended.

As said above, one of our friend taught us the valuable lesson "Don't pamper a masochist friend". We thought that we are showing our solidarity by supporting this friend in overcoming his trauma, but we realised late that our pamperings were catering his masochist side. So we decided to leave him alone, not that we hate him, but to dissuade him from the pleasure of "rejecting the showering affections". My dear friend, we all love you unconditionally but don't want that our love must fodder your sadistic pleasure. I too had some seriously tragic incidents and a suicide attempt in my 18th age, but I don't want myself to feel that I am more virtuous than others because I had a traumatic past. Anyway our prayers and love will always be with you, we are at your beck and call, but we don't want to belittle ourselves by showering our love and affection when it is not serving its purpose.

May God bless you, my love....