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Thanks Anis... I happened to see this amazinggggggggggggg movie "Kadhaparayumpol" through your DVD only. Even though this was lying with me for past 10 days, I was stubborn of seeing it today before the release of "Kuselan". Every time when malayalam cinema is in ICU, Sreenivasan infuses some fresh blood to keep the hopes alive. This time he literally resurrecated the malayalam cinema's dying image single handedly. "Kadhaparayumpol" is a touching tale of friendship between a broken barber and a reigning superstar. Even with a pirated poor printed DVD, I couldn't stop the tears rolling over my cheeks during the climax of the movie, then think how effective it would have been in theatre. Stellar performances by Sreenivasan, Meena, Innocent, Jagadheesh and a powerful cameo by Mamooty. A powerful movie with all the emotions in a subtle but heart tugging manner. Along with the happy tears, some more tears followed when I thought how it would have got raped by P. Vasu and Rajinikant team. Kadhaparayumpol is crisp, sweet and definitely strikes a chord... Don't miss this original version even if you had seen "Kuselan". A MUST WATCH!!!!!!{oshits} reads