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They say that the "Character is how you behave none is watching"... but these days people doesn't care for others even in a broad sunlight, that too in the roads. I seriously hate Chennai for its uncouth road habits. If you think low class uneducated people doesn't follow the road rules, you are outdated. Notice the number of gentlemen driving the cars, laptop carrying software engineers and suave professionals who care a damn for the road rules and jump the signals, especially in Nungambakkam high road and IT Corridor. This is really disgusting. When these people doesn't follow even the basic road discipline, expecting them to be morally abiding citizens is really a dream. When everybody is concerned about zooming ahead bypassing rules in the road itself, why they won't do anything to get ahead in life by putting the moralities aside? Come on, we are supposed to be the role model for future generation and if this is the example we are setting up, the very thought of future generation's behaviours itself gives me jitters. I REALLY HATE BEING IN CHENNAI OR EVEN INDIA JUST FOR THIS REASON.

I am made feeling like a fool or clown if I kept waiting for GREEN signal rather than jumping the RED signal. Especially by the motorists and auto rickshaw drivers, who are actually the bane of the city. Rogues - even this word sounds decent when compared to their behaviours. OK. People abroad too can be like this but they are scared of monitoring mechanisms and fine slapping there. That also had instilled a sense of following basic courtesies. If nobody is willing to follow the rules, why the hell we are calling us educated, civilised, cultured all blah blah.. Lets stop sending our kids to school. At the end of the how ruthless you are only matters and what all you had studied all these days doesn't matter. I am really losing faith in people after living in Chennai.

Past one week it is a really hectic schedule. I never worked so late in my career till date. Infact it gave us a high that we are indispensible at that moment. But all the happiness withered in a comment. What pains me is not the disapproval or unacceptance, but the sarcassm of the comment. I felt like not doing to the work anymore but my friend tried to convinced me that that comment was to push us further. I don't think that will work for me atleast. If I had an alternate option, I would have definitely chosen that by this time. Anyway bosses are bosses, and can't be questioned. Atleast I have learnt a lesson that I won't be doing the same to my subordinates and make them go through the same grind I underwent.

These days weekend is something I eagerly look forward because of my Tanjore painting classes. Past two weekend sessions were basics and today we started the canvas by sticking the stones. I am told that I can carry the painting tommorrow back home to continue from home. I'll definitely write a tutorial on making Tanjore paintings soon. Also I am rooting for Art of Living classes strongly recommended by CM. These things help me in destressing from traffic snarls, work pressures and also a way of reinventing myself.

Just now I saw the movie "Rhythm" on KTV. I felt that the movie deserved a better reception at the box office window. It was soothing, calm but slow to the extent of being boredom at some point. Meena surprised me with a restrained performance repleted with subtle nuances. Another feature that kept me engrossed in this movie is its cinematography. Vasanth's movies are always a visual treat (barring "Saththam Podathey") and the frames were really delectable. Ofcourse AR Rahman's music (my all time faves are "Kaatre En Vaasal" and "Gala Galavena") and a nice cameo by Jyothika are something that is understood. Watching this movie relaxed me a bit that I wrote a blog after a gap of 10 days despite having daily internet access at home.

This article had invited {oshits} people till now.. Ofcourse including you..