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We all know the film lyrics are for an imaginary situation, yet it manages to tug our heart strings once in a while. Some lyrics become too personal for us that we start feeling as if they are written for us. Some lyrics make us laugh, fill the heart with happiness and even make us cry. Todays blog is about one such instance. Last week I was on some deep thinking & a slight depression when this song was playing on. Suddenly I the lyrics caught my fancy and I felt an mosit eye. The song in the question is "Tu meri zindagi hai" from the film Aashiqui (1989). Infact I am a sucker for film lyrics especially that have an underlying current of pathos. I have been hearing this song from Aashiqui since my 8th standard and this is the first time I was moved to tears. The lines that made me cry is:-

' हर ज़ख्म दिल का तुझै (Har zakhm dil ka tujhe)
दिल सै धुआन दे (Dil se dhuaan de)
खुशियान तुझे घम सारे (Khusuyaan thujhe gham saare)
 मुझ्को खुदा दे! (mujhko khuda de)"

which roughly translates into "For every wound (by you) I pray from heart that God gives you all happiness & all griefs to me"

How can somebody love so deeply, unconditionally and wish happiness inturn for pain? God I wish you give me that divine quality. I am bit jealous and tempermental in relationships even though I love my close friends a lot. These lines are easily the best among whatever I have heard till date

I looked for an equivalent in Tamil. For me it is "எங்கிருந்தாலும் வாழ்க.. (நெஞ்சில் ஓர் ஆலயம்)". However "எங்கிருந்தாலும்" was more situational. The lines "வந்தது வந்தாய் துணையுடன் வந்தாய்.." give out the story that it is all about an ex-lover now married to somebody else. But Aashiqui was more general and deep. So according to me "Aashiqui" wins over "எங்கிருந்தாலும் வாழ்க.."

{mosimage}OK! We are now in the Hindi lyrics territory, and these are the most cliched lines in Bollywood. I don't bother to translate these for non listeners of Hindi songs as they can't even understand what is it all about. I'll keep adding more and more whenever I remember them

1. Shamma... Parwaana - this "lamp and firefly" combination tops the list of cliches in Hindi songs

2. Tumse tumhe churaloon - How many times you steal your lover yaar?

3. Honton se choomun - If not with lips, how can you kiss else? Please teach me.

4. shiqwa... gila - I am fed up with these complaints

5. pyaar... iqraar - you are singing this duet because you have expressed your love

6. chaand sa chehra - do your lover have so many scars in her face?

7. dil mein basaaon - where else you intend?

8. nasnas mein pyar - I though bloodveins contain only blood but here..?

9. aag laga doon dil mein mohabbat se - till date I thought love fills your heart with warmth, not heat.

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