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Tell me your dreamsThe second novel of late. Sydney Sheldon I have ever read. I am always fond of psychological thrillers and this one too dealt with the much discussed MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder). TMYD starts with a thriller note of the protagonist Ashley Patterson being feared of getting stalked. The following incidents just compounds her fears and her security is at stake. There are other two pratagonists Toni Prescott and Alette Peters, making fun of Ashley's "Miss Goody" image. There happens the murders of Ashley's colleague, a painter, a diamond merchant and a cop who is incharge of Ashley's security from her stalker. All the murders point to Ashley who is confused of herself being dragged to the brutal murders. First half is better, second half's court scenes and hospital episodes could have been better. However the second half makes up for the detailed research and can prove as documentation. A sense of "Deja-Vu" prevails through out the novel. Looks like Shankar had been "inspired" by this novel to make "Anniyan". But after reading this novel my respect for Madhu Muttom, who wrote "Manichitrathaazhu" much before TMYD rose highly because "Mani..." was more clear, linear and gripping than TMYD. Overall TMYD made an intresting read but doesn't deserve to be carried forever.