Et tu Blessy? Despite being a highly prolific film maker of recent Malayalam cinema, he flunks this time by a huge margin. Albeit having a terrific start, Blessy's dilemma in moving 'Calcutta News' forward as a thriller or a love story is clearly evident. The movie talks about human trafficking, the young village girls being lured into marriages for flesh trade exploring the murky underbelly of Calcutta. Barring some rivetting visuals in the climax (especially the kid with the mobile phone), the movie just sucks big time, thanks to the romantic track bewteen Meera and Dileep. The second half is yawn inducing. How come a Dileep movie is devoid of comedy? His dialogue delivery and 'introductory' scenes like making a documentry on cellphone just makes up for it. The lead peformances leave you desiring for more. Meera Jasmine had perfected the portrayal of a dasmel in distress, Dileep unintentionally evokes laughter by playing a metroite, Vimala Raman being wasted completely. Debjyoti Mishra's music, S. Kumar's cinematography and locations are the saving graces. Looks like Blessy got lost in Kolkatta crowd.
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