D******** (20) is our family friend's daughter, we know her since the day she is born. Unfortunately she recently met with an accident and is being treated in a hospital. Yesterday when I went to see her, some diagnosis was going on and all of a sudden some blood earmarked for her surgery were used for that. Blood needed for her surgery was not still collected. The hospital's blood bank showed a shortage of needed blood group. Now doctors are left with only option - to collect blood freshly from donors. Within an hour we were supposed to collect 10 units of B positive blood. Then began the actual tension. To find out people with similiar group from the friends' circle we have is really daunting. If all of us didn't have a mobile phone that time, things could have been worse. Thankfully we got some donors in time.

While searching for donors I came across some individuals who were not so comfortable in donating their blood. "I am not habituated to donating blood". Surprisingly they were highly educated and well paid. At the same time a party was going on in our office. So I couldn't ask many of my colleagues, you know why. Since we managed to collect enough donors, it was fine. But the tension we underwent at that time is something I can't forget in the first place.

I started blood donating last year only that too I was asked by a friend whether I could do it on behalf of him. Second time the blood bank people called from the previous reference and asked for blood again. I willingly agreed. Even though I know that my blood will be used to save a patient's life, it didn't make a big difference in me. All it gave me was a satisfaction that I am donating blood. Something "narcisst" sort of happiness.

But after being in a position of "searching" for blood, and at a situation where my blood can't be used, I can now understand the trauma of close relatives. Now I really salute all the blood donors, for the noble thing they do, the difference they make in the patient's life. From last incident, I have decided to do certain things:-

  • Create an awareness about blood donating among my friends who are ignorant about it.
  • Build a list of friends who are willing to donate blood, their blood group, contact details.
  • I myself should donate blood regularly to hospitals rather than blood banks.
  • If possible enroll myself with some NGO and help them with the contacts I have developed.

  • After all a small thing like blood donating, that wouldn't make any difference in us physically, but makes a difference in other people's life must be encouraged, practised, taken to next generation. An unit of blood, that normally is regenerated in 24hrs, won't create any biological damages to donor, but a patient who is deprived of even 1 unit blood at the needy times can lose their lives. That pretty sums up the gravity of the situation.

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