{mosimage}the best colour for you, we'll tell more about you. Order the following animals in the list according to your wish.... So many online personality tests are available like this. There are lot of subtle choices that unconsciously reflect our personality in some ways. When we observe the people around us, we notice that people who have an affinity towards certain actors / actress / books / writers have a similiar behavioural pattern. So whenever we hear somebody new who say that they like that author's book very much, find that actor/actress attractive, we immediately tend to form a personality image based on our past experiences. Sometimes we may go wrong, sometimes we may get a right idea... but the ability to form an image is something that comes with the experiences.

Manytimes what silly things we are asked is not as silly as it looks. This normally happens with the HR round of interviews. In my first job's interview I was made to take up a personality test as a last round among the shortlisted candidates. After my joining there, I had a chance to see the report of my personality test. I was surprised to see the accurateness of the report. Also it helped myself in completing the mental image of myself. Sometimes we feel something by intution, we won't be able to verbalise it, but when we see similar thing in a written transcript we feel complete.... that day I had that feeling.

{mosimage}May be after that I started putting up the bits and pieces to form images based on the incidents and conversations that occured in my old relationships. Surprisingly many times I felt vindicated when my observation turned right. But whenever I was proved wrong, I simply accepted that person and updated my observations. That could be a reason now I started looking for cues and clues when I meet somebody new. I even ask some questions that sometimes look too simple but can give out something about the person. I believe everybody does the same unconsciously.

My brother-in-law once said that one of his conditions for his bride should be that she must have read 'Ponniyin Selvan' once. Don't know what the people who went through his matrimony profile thought - a show off case / serious literature enthusiast. But his logic was - a simple assumption that whomever sits through that voluminous book will be having the mindset / patience to ponder about the problems before jumping into any conclusions. Knowing my sister, I can agree that to a major extent his assumption worked. Again I remember a funny but meaningful scene in 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' where Gandhiji guides a girl in judging the basic nature of the prospective groom. If he snaps fingers at the waiter in the restaurant, he is arrogant but if he calls by "Bearer" / "Excuse me", he values individuals. A simple scene that conveyed much.

Do we always get it right or wrong? Mostly yes if we remember the vital points / incidents of our past relationships. I have observed that if I am instantly attracted to somebody he/she is diametrically opposite for me and the friendship won't last long. Once that initial attraction subsides, we tend to identify with the flaws and incompatibility. May be that's the reason I take my own time to get into serious friendships / relationships, by taking each step too cautious, as it is like "once bitten twice shy". So these days if I feel an instant attraction, I keep myself off from that person until I get to know completely about them.

Do you form images from past and correlate them with your present relationships? Do you ask silly questions like "Do you watch mega serials?" just the way I do with new people? Share your experiences here.
Some of the observations I have noticed, which can be challenged or accepted:-
1. People who like the writings of S. Ramakrishnan very much are serious people, (sometimes to the extent of enjoying the pains).

2. Most of the readers of Balakumaran have a philosophical approach towards life.

3. The audiences / ardent fans of "Maestro" Illayaraja, who just go on weak knees just by hearing his music, have a calm / settled / contended approach towards the life. They also happen to be lovers of art.

{mosimage}4. Impulsive, living for the moment - I like to slot the people who admire Harris Jayraj / AR Rahman
5. Guys who are more keen in sculpting their body in rigorous workout sessions, who love to shed their clothes at the drop of the hat (mostly men models or aspiring models), those who said that they immensely like certain actors & actress have lot of chance to be gays.

6. People who give sermons about how organised they are in the first ever meeting are mostly the lousiest person when it comes to professional / social life.

7. I have found it tough to adjust living with guys very much younger than me as room-mates as they are very much pampered and expect the same from elder person living with. So I have an aversion of staying with colleagues & young guys.

8. Salem girls / boys are dumbest creatures (OK! OK! dumber than any other parts of Tamil Nadu) I had ever seen. I haven't come across not even a single soul to challenge this observation.

9. People who are closer to the friend of opposite sex who is undergoing a rough patch in marital life, has more chances to develop an affair with. It is one observation that was even accepted by the psychologists across the world.

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