Recently I added one more agenda to my New Year Resolutions - "Never wish anything for anybody without looking things from their perspective. Even though we wish with good intentions, it might end up hurting the protagonists.

{mosimage}1. I used to 'wish' my ex-boss abroad to get married soon, after learning about his broken marriage. Whenever possible I used to "reiterate" a remarriage. With the passage of time, the tables turned, I decided to stay away from marriage. Whenever I called him sometimes back he used to ask me about when I would get married. Sweet Revenge. These days whenever somebody asks me about my impending marriage, I cut short the topic with the answer "When I get married, I'll definitely keep you informed. Whats up next?". Atlast I have learnt to answer.

2. When in Abu Dhabi, on occassions like Onam & Brithday,I used to "wish" colleague Aravind, a single guy then with the wish of "celebrating with a spouse" next occassion. One day he was irritated and asked me to stop wishing such ridiculous wishes. At that time I was bit hurt. This year in India, my colleague Gana wished me in the New Year that I must be a "couple" next New Year. When I called Kutty Sir, he also echoed the same. Grrrrr...... I understood what Aravind might have undergone during my wishes.

Sometimes I swear that I WILL NEVER DO THIS... THAT at any cost, but I'd end up doing the same thing without any other options.

1. I'd rather beg in the streets of Coimbatore / Abu Dhabi rather than working in Chennai. I hate Chennai so much, but now I am a "proud" resident of Chennai.

2. I'd rather remain single than marrying a girl from Chennai / Salem, but I came so close to marrying a Chennai girl, formally saw a Salem girl... but those alliances didn't materialise.

3. I used to say to my friends that going to gym is fashionable and we can achieve the health fitness by proper diet. This happened in my +2, but I ended up enrolling in a gym last year.

Now I have decided that I must never vow about doing / avoiding certain things.

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