{mosimage}3-4 years back there was a mass exodus of actress from Kerala to Kodambakkam, the flood gate opened by the success of Meera Jasmine. Till then Kodambakkam film makers were crazy about imports from Mumbai's dumb bimbettes. Then it turned to be 'Dial M (mallu girls) for success'. Meera Jasmine, Asin, Nayantara, Gopika and Bhavana made waves in Tamil, whereas Kaveri and Mamta Mohanadas, carved a niche for herself in Andhra. Only few sustained and there seemed to be a drought of talented girls in Kerala cinema field. No new debutantes with a strong screen presence evolved. At this time Roshan Andrews' 'Notebook' happened. The movie was made with 6 rank new comers - Roma, Parvathy being the female leads. The movie created buzzes and controversies but the verdict about these girls were unanimous. Roma went on to do big movies like June 4, Choclolate and Parvathy caught the attention of great Sathyan Anthikaud.

Parvathy was a successful TV anchor in Kiran TV of Kerala. She was famous for her phone-in-programs. This sharp chinned and dimpled anchor with a clear refreshing skin was an instant hit among the audiences. This school girl born and brought up in Kozhokode was on her way from no-one to some-one. Following the Kerala trend of anchors becoming actresses, Parvathy joined the long list of Abhirami, Jyotirmayi (both did Philips Super 10 in Asianet), Tessa, Remya Nambeeshan (Hello Good Evening in Kairalee TV), Gopika and Bhavana (Local Cable Channels). Parvathy's innocence coupled with powerful screen presence projected her as the next star of Malayalam cinema. Her career was on a slow but steady rise.

Recently in a Surya TV interview on New Year, I was bowled by Parvathy's amazing transformation into a leading lady, even though I have seen her in a deglamorised role in 'Vinodayatra' as Dileep's sis-in-law in. Parvathy confessed that she enjoys the process of being before the camera. She wanted to carry out with roles and movies she could identify with without making any compromises. Parvathy felt sad that many new comers along with her start with a passion but don't get roles of substances and end up choosing mediocre projects with no choice. May be this could be the reason for her slow progress while her 'Notebook' counterpart had already done two biggies in Malayalam.

{mosimage}Parvathy's claim to fame was as a leading lady to Kannada's top star Puneet Rajkumar in 'Milana'. The director who happened to see her in a Malayalam magazine cover on a Bangalore roadside shop, located her even though he didn't know to read Malayalam. The girl next door became a sizzling leading lady in Kannada. Parvathy gushed in the TV interview about the shooting experience in Switzerland. She was given a halter neck blouse and Chiffon saree akin to Sri Devi in Yashraj movies. Parvathy was visibly trembling in cold when the director whispered 'Parvathy, Romance..' She laughed that she found it tough to emote in that freezing cold. In the same vein she 'saluted all Madhuri Dixits and Rani Mukherjees of the world to carry out that convincingly on screen'. Fortunately 'Milana' was a Super Hit.

{mosimage}Her next Malayalam release was 'Out of Syllabus' which sank without a trace. Sibi Malayil looked the potential in her and took her as a female lead in his Mohanlal starrer 'Flash'. Despite heavy expectations and a hype, it bombed heavily with an incoherent script that was a mixed photstat copy of 'Manichitrathaazhu and Nerariyan CBI'. Critics and audiences panned it but still Parvathy managed to come out unscathed for her perfomance and confidence.

After that interview I fell in love with Parvathy and added her to my favourites list. Logically her next destination is Kollywood or Tollywood. Parvathy was considered for Bala's "Naan Kadavul" as Bhavana's replacement, but the dates played villain. Her 'Milana' dates clashed with those of Bala's requirement. Parvathy was waiting for a right debut vehicle in Tamil.

{mosimage}Malayalam director Shaji Kailash offered her the title role in the Tamil remake of Malayalam super hit 'Chintamani Kolai Case', again the role played by Bhavana in original. But "Sollamale' Sasi overtook Shaji and is launching Parvathy in his next directorial venture 'Poo' (Flower), a heroine oriented film opposite to Sri Kanth. Considering Sasi's track record of strongly etching female leads like Kausalya in 'Sollamale', Sandhya in 'Dishyum' and Bhumika in 'Rojakoottam', who had author backed roles, we hope Parvathy makes a powerful debut in Tamil. Parvathy's role is said to dictate the climax of 'Poo', which many heroes didn't find comfortable with and refused it. Finally Sasi's protege Srikanth was assigned the role.

'Poo' is based on a work of writer Cha Thamizhselvan and a screen adaptation of his short story titled as 'Velaiyodu Poyi' (It went with work).

The hero of this story falls in love with his intended bride. She reciprocates his love. Due to cumstances, she however becomes the wife of another man and suffers in poverty. But her first love remains ever green in a corner of her heart. Her first love, who has been living out of town, returns. She runs to see him just once. This beautiful story about the pure love of a village girl so impressed Sasi that he gave it to Srikanth to read. He was likewise charmed by it. That's how Thamizhselvan's short story 'Veyilodu Poyi' has blossomed into the film 'Poo' directed by Sasi. May Sasi's efforts bear fruit!

{mosimage}Parvathy, Welcome to Kollywood. I love to see you in roles of substances than frivolous blink-n-miss roles, not like Asin and Trisha plays in Tamil movies.

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