{mosimage}After giving reviewing 2006 a skip (I was going through a low phase at that time, so not in a retro mood), I am now looking back 2007 objectively. A relatively significant year with a career change, fairly good one replete with happiness and shift in perspective towards life - that pretty sums up what 2007 what for me. Another year that made me mellow down inside and roughened up my exterior. They say that happiness brings everything - confidence, cherubic and cheers. 2007 got everything of them in needed quantities. As I am person believing in experinces - there is no good / bad experience but only lessons.

After dabbling in Sales and Logistics for few years, I landed in IT, the field I feel truly belonging to. There were some really trying times before getting into IT. Out of frustration I started comtemplating returning to Sales and even got a couple of offers back in Dubai again for Sales domain. But I got to IT groove in the last minute. May be God wanted to test / tease me whether I am really wanting to get to computers. I am now where my heart belongs to. According to me IT is the most insecure profession to work with. It all depends on the projects and the pace we keep with the moving technologies. So I have to run faster to keep myself afloat in the market.

Personally 2007 was an year of self indulgence. Since I was not in an answering position to anybody & had no major burdening responsibilities, I enjoyed the life as it came everyday. It was only this year I did whatever I missed all these years without worrying financially. I did little bit of working out, swimming, got charitable in a little way, indulged myself with books, DVDs and other things without the fear of hole in the purse. Also no new friends came in my life this year fuelling my self-indulgence. This year I publicly proclaimed that I am a narcisst, who is in love with myself more than anything or anybody.

The hardtimes came then and there but fortunately for me they just disappeared in passing times. Call it co-incidence, anybody who gave me troubled times moves out of my life sooner (Thankfully to greener pastures not making me feel guilty about their exit). SAP Bangalore stint made me rethink about the way I consider my professional relationships. Soujanya and Suhail episode taught me how much I have to keep with the strangers & colleagues. Now I know at what distance to keep the relationship with colleagues and stangers.

I enjoyed the golden period of being single in 2007. Now I am too obsessed with myself that it is really really tough to make me give up my bachelorhood. Love and marriage can wait, let them be on pavilion. Ofcourse I had hurted a soul in this self-realisation and my due apologies to her in this juncture. My prayers are for her to settle down soon.

2007 showed me that I am dumb when it comes to finance. I keep learning about movies, books, life but realised that I am poor in managing finances. There is an insecurity driving me to save money for future needs. 2008 must see me learning most about finances.

I tried to take up painting again in 2007. It had been more than a decade I held paintbrush in my hand. When I tried to resume painting again, the hand-thought co-ordination goes awry. I must restart and master painting strokes again in 2008.

Exploring new avenues like working out, swimming made me look food and eating habits in a new light. Now I try to balance food with proper constitution of nutritional elements. I realised the importance of 'proper eating'.

Books and movies continued to be my staple feed for entertainment. Being in Chennai gave me access to lot of prominent authors' books. From Balakumaran and Sujatha, I explored Endemoori Virendranath extensively, experienced the pleasure of Jayakanthan's rustic letters. More of him must be explored in 2008 which is my personal agenda.

Since I was alone in the evenings, I watched a lot of movies. While I prefer old, tested movies than new releases, the decision of MoserBaer to enter home video segment benefitted me a lot. My DVD library is growing double than the books. There was no change in the so called favourites list except Vidya Balan over took Meera Jasmine in my loyalty.

I wanted to travel to UAE again in September but couldn't. It have been postponed to April 2008 but no assurance for it. I would like to shift to abroad again for monetary reasons. Reason...? Next paragraph.

Wanted to buy a property in Coimbatore and in that process I realised that whatever I draw as salary may be more than enough for living alone in the flat purchased by my parents, but for a secure future, to purchase a property for my own it is not enough. The decision to look out in abroad again is an outcome of this incident.

Visited my favourite temples in Pollachi twice this year. Infact this year is closing & 2008 is starting with a holiday in Coimbatore, my favourite place.

Major resolutions of 2008 - travel a lot, resume working out and keep myself fit, adopt 2-3 kids and bear their educational expenses. Just a modest start.

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