{mosimage}Again it confirms the doubt whether I am getting old.. What happened to my independecy in happiness? I love travelling and it became a passion when I was in Coimbatore. I remember one man asking in Malampuzha dam... "Ottaikku varunnathu valara borille?" (Isn't coming alone boring?) That day I was walking in the other side of the dam where literally none were there. I came closer to the channel and realised that it can be crossed by a boat only and boat club is also in the opposite side. I started walking back and this person asked me whether there was anyway to get into the opposite side. I said that we had to cross the dam and go to opposite side. He asked me whether I came alone to which I said yes! This reply above was for that only.

I deliberately didn't start travelling alone but I was made that way. I remember asking my friends whether we all should go somewhere (read as Malampuzha, Siruvani), but they felt 2-3 is not enough for an outing. According to them minimun 8-10 people must go in a picnic only then it will be an enjoyable trip. I can alienate myself in a crowd and feel the presence of the world in loneliness. Why should I depend on somebody to carry out something that gives me an immense pleasure? Just load the camera with film and start off... That's how all it started and went on till recent.

Oflate I am literally after somebody to travel to places I longed to visit. It is not that I cannot go alone, but felt that I must make them see newer places. When I was in abroad I used to long for vacation, thinking that I must visit certain places when I was in vacation. But it was impossible to travel everywhere within 30 days. Now I am in India and if I plan properly I can visit those places in proper time.

To start with, I love to visit Ooty in late December because of its off-season timing. You can enjoy the beauty of Ooty with mist and fog minus maddening tourist crowd. I hate the crowds in April - May season. Today I was trying to convince my parents and cousins for an Ooty trip for a couple of days in last week of December. At the end it was like as if I were begging them for some favour to me.

What happened to my spirit I had earlier when I was in Coimbatore? Almost on all weekends I used to travel somewhere around Coimbatore. Mahesh, just put your bike along with you in train, drive wherever you want to. You are earning, spending for yourself then why waiting for somebody to approve your decisions. The people in question doesn't have an flair for travelling, unable to enjoy nature the way it is, in a way prefer to see the same faces again and again in the name of picnic or 'excursion'. Your expectations for them to go with your tastes and preferences is like asking for ice cream in a hardware shop. No way you are going to get it. Don't get carried away by their relcutance failing to visit nature in its beautiest best.

I must make use of the holidays available possible. Instead of just watching them on song sequences or some travel show, let me try my level best to be at those places. This is my New Year Resolution for 2008. This year 2008 must be an year of travel for me. Hopefully I must fill the travelogue sections with my experiences. After all my happiness is within myself.. not dependent on any other individual.
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