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{mosimage}This is a general and most used keyboard shortcuts for MS Word. Hope you all find this useful.

Ctrl + Alphabets
v     Ctrl + A - Select All
v     Ctrl + B - Bold the selection
v     Ctrl + C - Copy the selection
v     Ctrl + D - Set font for the selection
v     Ctrl + E - Center Alignment
v     Ctrl + F - Find in the document
v     Ctrl + G - Go to...
v     Ctrl + H - Find and Replace in the document
v     Ctrl + I - Italics the selection
v     Ctrl + J - Justify Alignment
v     Ctrl + K - Add Hyperlink to external documents or websites
v     Ctrl + L - Left Alignment
v     Ctrl + M - Tab movement or increase margin size
v     Ctrl + N - Creates New Document
v     Ctrl + O - Opens the document (Open Dialog Box)
v     Ctrl + P - Prints the document
v     Ctrl + Q -
v     Ctrl + R - Right Alignment the selection
v     Ctrl + S - Save the document
v     Ctrl + T - Moves the second line "Tab" or "Indent"
v     Ctrl + U - Underlines the selection
v     Ctrl + V - Pastes the copied items in the clipboard
v     Ctrl + W - Closes the document (Not the application)
v     Ctrl + X - Cuts the selection
v     Ctrl + Y - Redo the last actions
v     Ctrl + Z - Undo-es the last actions
v     Ctrl + [ - Reduces the font size of the selection
v     Ctrl + ] - Increases the font size of the selection
v     Ctrl + Enter - Inserts a Page Break
v     Ctrl + (+) - Easy way to create ± (Else type +, select & underline it)
Ctrl + Numbers
v     Ctrl + 0 - Creates the "Diameter" symbol
v     Ctrl + 1 - Single line spacing for the selection (Format Paragraph)
v     Ctrl + 2 - Double line spacing for the selection (Format Paragraph)
v     Ctrl + 5 - 1.5 line spacing for the selection (Format Paragraph)
v     [Alt + 0 - Easiest way to create Superscript O (used for Degrees)]

F - Buttons
v     F1 - Help command
v     F2 - Moves the selection to desired point (Instead of cutting & pasting, Select the part, Press F2, Move the cursor to desired point, press Enter)
v     F3 - Inserts Auto Text Entries
v     F4 - Redo the last action
v     F5 - Find in the document
v     F6 -                 -N.A-
v     F7 - Grammar/Spell Check
v     F8 - Initiates the selection point. (Press F8, the point is selected, press upward arrow to select top portions, downward areas for next portions)
v     F9 -                -N.A.-
v     F10 - Activates the File Menu (Equiv to Alt + F)
v     F11 -           -N.A.-
v     F12 - Save As....

Shift + F Buttons
v     Shift + F1 - Examine the format of the paragraph (Press Shift + F1, click over the paragraph text, see the paragraph format)
v     Shift + F2 - Does what F2 does, except it makes a copy instead of moving the whole thing
v     Shift + F3 - Converts the selection to Upper case, lower case & sentence case in that order.
v     Shift + F4 - Moves to Topmost of the document (Equiv to Ctrl + Home)
v     Shift + F5 - Moves to the previous position of cursor
v     Shift + F7 - Looks in the Thesarus for the selected word
v     Shift + F10 - Opens the right click dialog box
v     Shift + F11 - Inserts blank line before the cursor
v     Shift + F12 - Saves the document (Equiv to Ctrl + S)

Alt + F Buttons
v     Alt + F4 - Closes the Application
v     Alt + F5 - Resizes the application window
v     Alt + F7 - Suggests the right word for a wrong word just before the cursor point.
v     Alt + F8 - Enables Macros. ( I don't know much about it)
v     Alt + F10 - Restores the application window to maximum size.
v     Alt + F11 - Debugs the document in Visual Basic. ( I don't know much about it)

Ctrl + F Buttons
v     Ctrl + F2 - Print Preview
v     Ctrl + F3 - Delete the selection
v     Ctrl + F4 - Closes the document (Not the application)
v     Ctrl + F5 - Resizes the document window
v     Ctrl + F6 - Switches to next document window (If more than one file is open)
v     Ctrl + F9 - Inserts field
v     Ctrl + F10 - Restores the document window to maximum (Opposite of Ctrl + F5)
v     Ctrl + F12 - Open Dialog (Equiv. to Ctrl + O)

Some General Windows Shortcuts
v     Alt + Tab - Switches to other application that is open (Keep pressing the Tab button with a finger always on Alt button till you reach the desired application that is open, then leave your fingers, that will open)
v     Alt + Tab bar + R - Resizes the document window
v     Alt + Tab bar + n - Minimise the window
v     Alt + Tab bar + x - Maximise the window
v     Alt + Tab bar + S - Modifies the widow size without help of mouse
v     Alt + Tab bar + M - Moves the window without the help of mouse

v     Shift + Del - Delete the file "permanently", "Del" sends to Recycle Bin that can be retrieved by anyone anytime.

v     Ctrl + Home - Moves to the starting of the document
v     Ctrl + End - Moves to the end of the document

Bullets & Numbers
v     To start a bulleted list, type * before the first line of the list. Once you press "Enter" to go to the second line, the list will automatically start bulleting.

Working with tables

1. If you are sick of inserting tables, then try drawing a table with "Tables & Borders" button and use an "Eraser" tool to merge the cells.

2. We all want every page to have the "Heading" row in all the pages of a long table spanning more than 1 page. To achieve this instead of inserting a row manually in each section, try this simple way. Select the "Heading" row, go to "Table" menu, click the "Headings". You'll now see the heading row in all the pages the table extends.