{mosimage}1. These days I prefer Illayaraja in 80's over AR Rahman and Harris Jayraj in Tamil, Nadeem-Shravan over Himesh Reshammiya, Pritam and others in Hindi music.

2. I tend to have an instant dry, lop-sided smile when I see some nice loving and caring photographs, read nice humane things and see people extending love for others.

3. I prefer to stick to & move with only well known friends rather than expanding the friendship circle. I don't even bother to break the ice between strangers or new colleagues and take my own sweet time to get them known.

4. I started believing that only the immediate family can be my soulmates.

5. I don't think twice to indulge myself with whatever I wanted to buy, but think twice, thrice to spend for somebody else.

6. I don't bother to ask for change / bargain with the road side vendors having a sympathy for them as they toil in heat and dust, but very much picky when collecting the money lent to my colleagues, cousins and relatives.

7. I think it is better to spend money for charity / orphanages rather than treating the friends and relatives over weekends.

8. Suddenly I feel the urge to pursue the unfulfilled dreams like going for music classes, painting classes and others sort of artistic activities as if there is no tommorrow.

9. I have started using dialogues like 'In our times...' when advicing / talking to my nieces.

10. When I see Chennai school kids I sympathise them that they are made to lead a mechanical life and devoid of fun & nature what we get in small towns.

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11. I tend to get irritated by my nieces & cousin's empty talks like discussing cine stars & their affairs, even though I too was talking the same when I was like them.

12. While driving I tend to give way to rear vehicles by moving to extreme left lane, if I am navigating the street or not in a mood to drive fast, so that I don't slow down others.

13. My blood pressure almost raises by double when going to office by the irritating driving habits of bloody fucking Chennai-ites.

14. I prefer docile actors Vidya Balan and Meera Jasmine over glam queens Trisha, Nayantara and Asin.

15. I prefer to watch already seen good movies than experimenting with new ones. It takes lot of conviction and recommendations from others to sit through a new movie.

16. I find the hardcore romantic movies and dialogues rib tickling.

17. I don't have inhibitions of talking about sex to my parents, cousins, nieces and don't squirm when watching love making scenes or forward them using remote control.

18. I got this tendency of shorter telephone conversations against that I used to chat for hours earlier over Grahambell's invention. If the call exceeds more than a couple of minutes I start getting restless and hurry to finish the call with 'sollu...' (tell) and 'vera...' (then..)

19. I have started forgiving and even loving people who have hurted me badly in the past. All I rememeber about them was the nice times I had spent with them.

20. Often I try to put myself in other person's shoes to figure out why they had done so and that could be one of the reason I have mellowed down a lot.

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21. I avoid confrontations, arguements so take an alternative escape route - do it or drop it, no discussions.

22. It had become almost an compulsive & obstinate habit to converse, write in my mother tongue - Tamil instead of sticking to so called formal office language - English.

23. I am not apologetic in any of my action that doesn't conform to the so called norms laid by the society.

24. I had got this "I-don't-care" attitude and try to keep smiling always, almost 24 hrs a day. This is me, take it or leave it.

25. I don't feel uncomfortable in proclaiming myself as a narcisst or everything comes next to me & my priorities.

26. I hate living in crowded place like Chennai, so take off to Coimbatore and Salem whenever I get few days off. I am even thinking to moving to Pune, Noida or Trivandrum, which are relatively less crowded.

27. I love reading other's personal blogs rather than news portals these days. I am closely following few people's blogs online.

28. I prefer reading, writing and watching movies on DVDs than regular TV programmes. That's why I haven't bought a TV set still.

29. I had become health conscious in eating habits and now prefer more sprouts and vegetables. Considering that I used to have so much oil & spicy food earlier, I wonder how I changed drastically.

30. I often wonder why / how I was a brat in my late teens, how I managed to be so confident / reckless & cover 180 kms in flat 3 hrs by bike.

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