{mosimage}Thanks MoserBaer! The world's second largest Optical storage maker's entry into Home Video Segment had been a good news for movie lovers like me. The strategy of entry through low cost DVDs, courtesy old movie titles hopefully must have paid rich dividends but more than that it had been a music for all people who are nostalgic about old titles. I am catching up lot of old movies of late thanks to MoserBaer. The competition is stiffening with T-Series also moving to Rs. 45/- DVD segment through old/sold-out/flop titles. DVDs are piling up in my library after each visit to Musicworld or any other music shop that matter. Recently I caught up Salaam - E - Ishq, Chocolate, Singaravelan, Karagattakaran and Kya Cool Hai Hum. Even though SEI & Chocolate are commercial flops, they deserved a viewing because of some refreshing moments.


 Salaam - E - Ishq:- Of all the 6 love tracks in Salaam-E-Ishq, I loved the track of John Abraham & Vidya Balan the most, followed by Akshaye Khanna with Ayesha Takia. John - Vidya track was the tragic one of the whole lot yet absorbing and engrossing. They excelled as couple in love going through rough patch in their life. The dialogue which John mouths 'What if you don't get your memories back, we'll make them. I am least bothered about the past and we'll make the future beautiful', was really beautiful. Akshaye Khanna who plays a commitment phobic guy even though he loves Ayesha Takia very much is so real. Somewhere that characterisation touched my chord because like him I too am commitment phobic.



Singaravelan:- {mosimage}The sweet memories of watching Singaravelan just breezed through when I watched Kamal Hassan - Khushboo starrer 'Singaravelan'. Even though the songs 'இன்னும் என்னை என்ன செய்ய போகிறாய்?' and 'போட்டு வைத்த காதல் திட்டம்..' were the real reason to grab that DVD, I travelled back to the days of 10th vacation when I saw the movie. The movie had lot of subtle 'double meaning' dialogues and I recollected the memories of gratification I got whenever I heard the dialogue - "'... இதை முன்னாடியே சொல்லியிருந்தா என் அத்தை பொண்ணை கல்யாணம் பண்ணி ஏத்தியிருக்கமாட்டேனா... {pause} குடும்ப விளக்கை' & 'சும்தி பொண்ணுக்கு நல்லா கூர்மையான அந்த.... " and the ways we, the adoloscents interpretted. Khushboo was so sweet in the movie and Kamal was usual himself as playboy. At that time Khushboo was riding high on the success of 'Chinnathambi' and I was literally swooning over her whenever she appeared on screen. Since it was 'Maestro' Illayaraja's home production, the songs were simple and sweet, lasting for a long.


Chocolate:- This is a unusual Bollywood thriller, could be a 'freemake' of some Hollywood interrogation flick, but definitely worth a watch. Anil Kapoor as Lawyer Krishna Pandit, was the soul of the movie. Even though the screen play is very confusing and meandering aimlessly, when watched second time makes some sense. The movie set in London was a visual treat. The abstract camera angles, too westernised Background score gave the film a magnum opus look. The climax was jolting and a revelation. Ofcourse it leaves some questions unanswered like whether the protagonists were actually involved in the bombings or they just used that incident to their advantage. But all said and done, Vivek Agnihotri's 'Chocolate' was a roller coaster ride.


Kya Kool Hain Hum

After seeing 'Kya Cool Hai Hum', I realised that I had been terribly biased when it comes to watching movies of directors with flop track record. This movie had almost become a cult classic in the Sex Comedy Genre. KCHH is unapologetically sexy and funny at the same time. Keep your brains aside while watching this movie and enjoy. The scenes of Tusshar Kapoor trying to untangle his shirt from mannequin looking like a anal sex, fondling the cat that looks like a zoophile, and the one where he extinguishes the cigerrate that accidentally fell inside his 'crotch', Ritesh's lover turning to be a homosexual, definitely tickles your funny bones and '****'. God! things had never been so sexy and erotic on screen. Sangeet Sivan has explored a new genre of Sex films without retorting to skin show. A fantastic and must watch sex comedy.



Karagattakaran - a blatant rip off from classic 'Thillana Mohanambal', itself went to become a classic of its own. No matter people run it down as down town for masses, they will enjoy the comedy scenes of Goundamani & Senthil especially the 'வாழைப்பழ' comedy. More than the heroine Kanaga, I loved Kovai Sarala's comedy scenes - 'அமெரிக்காவிலே மைக்கேல் ஜாக்சன் கூப்பிட்டாகோ, ஜப்பான்லே ஜாக்கிசான் கூப்பிட்டாகோ ... என்னாடி கலர் கலரா ரீல் விடுரே?' and 'லேட்டா வந்தா அல்வாவோட தான் வரணும்' scenes. Unfortunately Kovai Sarala is the last star comedienne after Manorama, Sacchu and no female comedy talent had come on Tamil screen. 'Maestro' Illayaraja's songs are classic and sits lightly on you ears, especially 'இந்த மான் உந்தன் சொந்த மான், மாங்குயிலே பூங்குயிலே'. A prototype for what a village commercial movie is, 'Karagattakaran' is a movie I am unapologetic about accepting as one of my my all time favourite. When I played this at home, my mom gave a look that read like 'What is this?', still I stand by this movie.


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