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{mosimage}It is sheer irony that the intentions behind invention of the puranic muses got lost and the muses loomed larger than life leaving the essense behind by blind faiths and misinterpretations. Existence of God can be subject to individuals but the vedas and puranas which intended to charter the human lives through dramatic representation later took its life in the hands of obsessive religous heads. As I used to say Hinduism is more a code to live life rather an just another religion. There is a noble intention behind every form of God, a beautiful lesson contained in every chapter of the Puranas.
The following is from the article:- http://www.rediff.com/news/2007/sep/ 21sethu.htm

The best part of the article is the following which explains the philosophy behind 'Dasavatharam's.

Referring to Matsya, fish -- the first avatara, he said science has now confirmed that the first life forms evolved underwater.

Then came the Koorma, tortoise representing the amphibian, capable of living both on land and in water.

This was followed by Varaha, the boar which lived only on land.

The next avatara was the Narasimha reflecting transition from the animal to the human form.

The Vamana avatara came next representing the evolution of human form in dwarf size, which is followed by Parasuram who wields the axe as his weapon, symbolising the stage of clearing forests for human settlement, the CPI-M leader said.

After Parasuram came Ram, the avatara who wields the bow and arrow, a weapon that can protect human settlements by attacking the enemy from a distance, he said.
Balaram came next wielding the plough, signifying evolution of human civilisation to the agrarian economy.

Krishna, who comes after this stage, symbolises the domestication of the cow and development of the dairy economy.

Kalki, who is yet to arrive, is portrayed as riding a horse representing the stage of domestication of the horse, as the Aryans mastered and majestically moved across lands, Yechury said.

"Thus, without entering into any dispute on matters of faith, this remarkable materialist interpretation of the dasavataras, surely merits attention.

"Faith in its quintessential form must facilitate the pursuit of truth and acquiring the ability to recognise the truth. Faith must encourage the adventure of ideas and promote scientific enquiry and not reduce itself to fanning communal passions for petty political and electoral benefits," the CPI-M leader said.