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{mosimage}A man called Liyakath Ali Khan was arrested a couple of days back for cheating, molesting over 50 women and filming their sex acts. In the recent past, this is the second case after Dr. Prakash who was involved in major sex scandal. What makes Liyaqat Ali Khan intresting or spicy than Dr. Prakash? While the latter had used drugs and parties to seduce the victims, it was raining woman in Liyaqat's yard. All the victims in his case are well educated girls hailing from affuent families. It can be Liyaqat Ali Khan's smartness or shrewdness to spell a cast over those girls or their families, but it is just one side of the coin, whereas the greediness of those girls complete the other side of the coin.

Liyaqat had created many fake matrimony profiles over the net posing as software engineer, NRI, even an IAS in one case and so on. It is natural to get attracted by the profile as very girl, parent wants an affluent groom for their girl. But the irony is nobody tended to look beyond those sophisticated image. When somebody says that he is on a trip, so he wants to meet that girl when he is in India, normally it is acceptable. But when he takes the girls to bed even before the marriage, and these girls agreed, what kind of brought up they had? Just because this person is supposed to be NRI, with loads of money (both the cases turned ot to be hoax) did those girls thought getting fucked by money bags is fine?

If an average earning, but simple guy calls his fiancee to temple or park or beach, these girls / family create a furore, but when a crook in disguise of a rich man calls to the bed, not only they readily go to lose their virginity (if not still) but also part with lakhs of money. So do money take precedence over the culture? In one of the cases, the girl's family was desperate to have a betrothal, this bastard immediately put sindoor (vermilion) in the girl's forehead and said that this girl is my wife, life blah, blah.. Were the girl's family blinded enough by his rich image that they accepted him like that? She is also one of his bed time companions.
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{mosimage}I saw few glimpses of the pornographic films he had made in NDTV. He had shot those sing his laptop's webcam. Those girls were not protesting and not in possessed state. Looks like they felt fine being shot by some costly laptop's camera. There is no difference between these girls and prostitutes, infact they are degraded species than the prostitutes who take up that profession either out of compulsion or wrongly guided. As long as these girls have an attitude for casual sex, one night stands, these sort of culprits will definitely exist.

Few months back there was a case of a girl being seduced by a married man through Orkut and strangled to death when they met. That girl was working in TCS (if my memory serves right) and made friend with this person through Orkut. Initially he had lied that he is single, but the girl later found that he was married. It is human to fall in wrong relationship but as educated, sensible people we must come out of that as soon as possible. But this girl continued the relationship and that guy wooed her by saying that he will divorce his first wife. When they met for the first time, they had sex, and the war of words erupted over his stand of divorcing his wife. He strangled the girl to death.
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{mosimage}For the past few weeks, I hear and read tirades against Orkut, Facebook, but I don't see any point in them. Whomever shouting against Orkut are incapable of keeping their wards / siblings under control. Those social networking sites say in forehand that people above 18 years only should use and the users are supposed to have a mind of their own. But the people end up falling in wrong relationships under west's influence and to cover up their mistakes, they gang against the social networking sites & matrimonial sites.

I am certainly not advocating for those bastards, but all I mean is that they alone are not to be punished. The girls who chose to get fucked by them also share the blame. They were not rape cases or possessed sexal intercourses. The females definitely were in senses to be aware of what was going at that moment. So as long as the girls fail to conduct themselves with dignity and within the cultural limits, they can be safe. Else complaining won't make any senses.

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