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{mosimage}This weekend when merrily watching the old hits (not B/W but of 7-8 years old) in Surya TV, the collection had more of Shalini's songs - i.e Mrs. Ajith Kumar. At that time I was a crazy crazy....crazy about her, especially with the movies she had done in Malayalam. Not many knew that she did more Malayalam movies than Tamil movies and loved to do movies in Gods Own Contry then. There were gossips romantically linking her with on screen hero Kunchacko Boban (God, then I wished the rumours should turn TRUE, such a beautiful pairing) but she seemed never to care about it. I wanted to write about the co-incidence in her debut and last movies.

Her first movie as heroine was in Malayalam - Fazil's 'Aniyathipraavu' which saw the debut of Kunchacko Boban along side her. The same movie was made in Tamil as 'Kadhalukku Mariyadhai' and Shalini debuted in Tamil also. After a couple of years her last movie in Malayalam was Kamal's 'Niram' which was also with same Kunchacko Boban. Shalini bid adieu to Tamil movies with the remake of the same titled as 'Piriyatha Varam Vendum', directed by same Malayalam Kamal. Don't know whether it is a co-incidence or she planned that way, but an intresting phenomenon. So she can safely say both in Tamil and Malayalam that she started her career with Faazil and ended with Kamal without ruffling any feathers.

Next Meera Jasmine...?

{mosimage}I saw the songs of latest Malayalam release 'Nivedhyam', directed by Lohitadas (that's the 'mentor' of Meera Jasmine). It is an all new comers movie and had a some beautiful songs. One song is my hot favourite 'Kolakuzhal vili ketto...' and the song is beautifully picturised too. The new girl in the movie looked docile, attractive and even resembled Meera Jasmine in certain angles and shots. May be Lohitadas hadn't got over from the Meera Jasmine hangover, even after they had parted ways professionally. 'Kolakuzhal vili ketto...' is a soulful song I heard after a long time in Malayalam (reminding Illayaraja in the orchestration)

Bollywood vs Kollywood.
The either sides of Vindhyas are not only diverse in culture, preference and tastes but in the glamour biz also. There is an interesting observation which you might not find useful but won't complain also. South prefers voluptous or full bodied heroines (now trend has changed with Asin, Trisha and Shreya) so the North Indian girls who came to Kollywood put on weight, whereas North patronises skinny heroines with visible collar bones. No.. this is not the observation here.

In South when the actress starts she normally does with glamorous roles, doesn't mind (s)exposing and once developed that hardcore fan base, slowly moves to roles with substance and characters. So her glamorous past is slowly wiped and settles with a decent homely image no matter how big her sexy screen image was. Khushboo, Simran, Jyothika are the prime examples.

Now come to the Bollywood thing.. There the actress start of decent girl next door image, but with the passage of years and increase in age, the hemlines start decreasing or moving upwards, to maintain that they are 'young'. Kareena Kapoor in Refugee, who was fully cladded is far different from what she is today - more obsessed with thrusting her b**bs on screen.
On the other hand, Aishwarya Rai who had that dreamy debut, after a decade exposed to the barest minimum in Dhoom 2 and even shocked the nation as well as in-laws with on screen smooch with Hrithik, that too in the movie where her husband was also there. 
What if your father was the He-man of Hindi cinema and mom being the legend of Hindi cinema and was strict about her daughter not dressed in revealing costumes in her debut? Now Esha Deol dons bikinis almost in every movie years after making debut, yet unable to break into the big league.
May be the shyness wanes with the age...

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