{mosimage}One of the interesting things of a train journey is the way stranger kids playing near the rails greet you with a 'ta-ta' and you unconsciously reciprocate it with a smile. For a moment we all lose our inhibitions and become a child by stooping to their levels. Atleast I felt the same when I went to Coimbatore recently. Thanks to IRCTC I had my tickets booked well ahead in mid June itself and Vaithy's call at the minute I settled down at the train ensured a happy mindset. In the back of the mind I knew that this going to be a memorable jouney as I was all enthused to go to Coimbatore after a gap of 9 months. The smooth transition of barren lads to lush green landscapes as the train moved from Tiruppur to Coimbatore kept me glued to the window since I woke up from slumber. Heart leapt out of its place when I saw the board of "Singanallur", which means I am going to be in the city in next few minutes.

I always have a soft corner for Coimbatore. I had been for 3-4 years and I always had a warm feeling in that place. I love everything about Coimbatore... say its water, people, Tamil slang and places like Pollachi, Thirmurthy Hills etc. So when I came on vacation previously from Abu Dhabi, I made it sure to be at Coimbatore & visit Masani amman temple & Deivakulam Kali amman temple at Pollachi without fail. I seriously believe in the Deivakulam Kali Amman and thats one of the few places I feel like speaking to God directly. When I started my job search I took her blessings and promised to be there back when I get my appointment order. Unfortunately I hadn't got time after getting the offer letter, so it took 9 months to visit Her again.
Small Clip of Thirumurthy Hills Visit (10 minutes)


I always feel rejuvinated when I am at Coimbatore. Why? I don't have any solid reasons. May be I was a Coimbatore-ite in my last birth. But I have some nice people especially my nieces Meera & Ammu, and few warm memories with Coimbatore. My favourite places like Siruvani, Thirumurthy Hills & Pollachi are nearer to Coimbatore. So I keep coming to Coimbatore often.
Sophistication kills the soul:-
We visited the Dhyanalingam at Isha Yoga Center, Semmedu. The place, the architecture and the way it was maintained - everyhing seemed fine, but for me 'that feeling' of being in a temple was missing. They had made a Ligam in mercury and a huge Dhyanalingam in a hemisphere 'mandapam' which was maintained pin drop silence. Despite this the 'feel' that comes when we step into a temple was missing. Still you don't understand? Just make a visit to Tirupathi & Chinna Tirupathi, Karamadai at shorter intervals. Even though Chinna Thirupathi, Karamadai is a faithful replica of Thirupathi temple, all I felt was a plastic soul-less structure.

I always look forward to go to Deivakulam Kali Amman temple. It is a very small thatched temple. The Amman there is just about a feet from the floor with a two eyes embedded in a Lingam form. But the moment I step in that compound, I feel a sense of divinity in that place. It is one of the places I feel the presence of God and talk to Her. There is no restriction like not talking loud inside the temple, the premises is not maintained spick and span like Isha Yoga even then you get the feel of being with God.
Small Clip of Marudhamalai Visit (10 minutes)
Sizzling Siruvani:-
When I went to Siruvani for the first time, it was drizzling and sizzling so much that I fell in love with that place instantly. Till now I had been there for 3 times only with the recent trip being fourth one. Even though there had been not much change in physical structures level, restrictions to go up in the falls had been tightened. In my last visit I climbed up to a higher level, looking back recently I wondered how I managed to cover such height.
This is the first time I went there accompanied with somebody. This was an altogether different experience as all my nieces were of freaky nature & comfortable with me. There is definitely a change now as the Forest department had restricted the visitors going to the top of the waterfalls owing to the death in the number of visitors who had slipped from there, but instead man-enhanced falls give the pleasure of bathing for families especially ladies and kids. Thankfully this didn't take away the beauty of Siruvani.

As I had written earlier, the time had come now to start my activities in securing a place in the lap of Coimbatore. Something should happen soon in form of acquiring a plot or flat there. Goddess Deivakulam Kali Amma, I need your blessings to settle down nearer to you.
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