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{mosimage}This week's Ananda Vikatan had more in store for me. I was able to identify with a couple of articles like "Child Prodigy" and "Killing periods of unemployment". Surprisingly the article about Child Prodiges sounded synonymous with what I wrote some months back about today's children losing their innocence in the name of intelligence. This time the writer took real life examples like Dileep (15), son of doctor parents in Trichy, who had performed surgery and his father, who aspired his son's name in Guinness Book of Records, is now in problem and Pudhiya (5) from Orissa whose (parent's) efforts of a 500 KM non-stop Marathon was thwarted by the police. Last time when Pudhiya completed his 5 KM run in 7+ minutes, he fainted and the pressures of performance and psychological nature were attributed for it. Gnani completes his article by citing his experience of interviewing a child star about 15 years ago, thus suubstantiating his argument that it is the parent's greediness for name, fame and money that the child prodigies are formed in most cases. Let kids be the kids, let us allow them enjoy their innocence rather than repenting at the later age.

{mosimage}I went to Kalahasthi Temple yesterday to perform the Rahu Puja. Such places are the best examples for the blind affection (some might call as authoritative) of Indian Parenting. More than the protagonists (actually who needs to perform the puja), it is the parents' eagerness and earnestness of getting the 'Puja' right that commanded my attention. While performing the 'Puja' every parent, who stand behind them has their hearts leaping out for the welfare (most cases - delayed marriage) of their wards that sometimes is of intimidating nature. But all said and done, this is 'that' bond which keeps the institution of family bound despite all differences and tears.

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The next article about "Killing Days of Unemployment" was really touching and easily identifiable because I went through that hell phase recently. Every individual who is jobless undergoes that pains and insecurity inside no matter how cool he/she appears externally. Our society had set some standards about unemployed individuals, whereas the career breaks are justified and acceptable in the West. Unfortunately we succumb to those codes and start doubting / hurting ourselves and sometimes even derive a sadistic pleasure in displaying them. The insecurity and lack of confidence that come with unemployment are further incited by the mindset of the people around them.

"Thambi summava irukku?", "Paavam, pullaikku adhirstam konjam kammi thaan" - these words normally camouflage as words of concern, but in hind sight weakens the individual in question, making many of them turn violent or withdraw into cocoon to protect their vulnerable side. Especially when there is a career change like mine, most of them made as if it is a foolish decision. People tend to overlook the fact the career shift is only after a considerable deliberation about the individuals' skills and interest. At one point of time I was reduced to a caricature who chucked out an abroad Sales career for 'local' IT job. But a success wipes of every stain of past, unfortunately some people couldn't wait for it or lose hopes after long period of waiting.

Let me completing this article in same vein with the individuals donning the masks of a contrary nature. Sometimes people tend to hide their gullible or vulnerable side by wearing a mask of rough & rude nature. Some of their close friends' who had seen the 'other' side tend to stick with them forever, whereas others' desert them with a hurt heart & misunderstanding. I used to say "Uyir Piriyum Neraththai vida uravu piriyum neram kodithu", which roughly translates to "The moment of separation is worser that minutes of death". Death just releases you from all the pains whereas the separation invokes more pain with everything that reminds of the broken relationship and tortures forever. Very few are blessed with people who are able to peek into the mask and I pray that God give me more such friends.