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Sometimes life seems so beautiful than ever when put a smile on others' face. I wanted to start helping the deprived strata from this birthday. Sharing a meal with the inmates of "Sthree Seva Mandir" was the first step towards it. I should thank my uncle for introducing that organisation which is housing around 90 children and 65 senior citizens. Even though my birthday falls on Thursday, I chose to prepone the lunch programme on Sunday because I can meet the kids and serve them. When the kids sang "Happy Birthday Mahesh Anna..." I started having tears in my eyes. I can't express that divine feeling in words and everyone must experience it for themselves. I sat with them and had their simple meal - a "kuzhambu", a "poriyal" and rice. It just costed me what a quality restaurant would charge for 5-6. Rather than blowing money with 5-6 friends, feeding 150+ people seemed to be a sensible option. Hereafter I have decided to associate with them seriously by helping in other ways than just food. I asked the warden what she needs for the children. Pat came the reply "30 maths tables book". I must get them before next week. Thanks GOD! for giving me such warming experiences.