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{mosimage}I slowly started adoring Jeeva as a director. His "Ullam Ketkume" and "Unnale Unnale" were like a slice of life on screen. However I can't sit through his movies twice but enjoy in bits and parts. His latest offering "Unnale Unnale" is really complex and multi-layered that I enjoyed it for the second time also. The same man vs woman ego clashes, love vs flirting are portrayed well. Sadha takes the center stage with an author backed role whereas Tanisha is equally good getting ample support from her 'voice'. I feel the penultimate five minutes of the movie as Sadha doing a soliloquy of why she moved on, is simply sensible. The movie had a good message - "In love compromises won't work out. Marry only when you feel that you'd be able to accept the person the way they are now, no matter how much you love them." May be if lovers take this lesson, the divorce rates of love marriages might come down.