{mosimage}Let me check how much romantic you are and your update with onscreen love cupids.. Who shares the best on-screen chemistry in Bollywood on recent times? Aamir Khan and Juhi Chawla or Shah Rukh Khan with Kajol..? Boss! You are in BC ages.. Emraan Hashmi and Tanushree Dutta or John Abraham with Vidya Balan... Wake up from the deep slumber.. A new 'hot' pair that Bollywood had never witnessed is here.. Amitabh Bachchan and Tabu. Did I spell mistakenly Amitabh instead of Abhishek? You heard it right... it is 60+ Amitabh Bachchan who sizzles with Tabu. Testimony? Catch up Amitabh cajoling reluctant Tabu into the restaurant and going on knees making her blush in Red while Tabu begs "Jaane Do Na.." (Let me go). The music of 'Cheeni Kum' is special because of our own 'Maestro' Illayaraja's first big Hindi project and he didn't let the opportunity to mesmerise the Gen X audiences.

To be honest, I was tad upset when hearing the songs for the first time that it was a remix sort of album because all the songs are faithful rehash of 'Maestro's' old Tamil Classics. Maniratnam - IR combination's priceless gem 'Mandram vandha thendralukku..' is presented in two slightly modified versions as 'Cheeni Kum' (Shreya Ghosal) and 'Sooni Sooni' (Vijay Yesudas), with the rest chosen from an evergreen Kannada classic "Jothe Jotheyalli" from 'Geetha (1980) that was later used in 'Nooravathyu Naal' as "Vizhiyile.." refurbished as "Jaane Do Na.." and 'Mella Thiranthathu Kadhavu's "Kuzhaloodhum Kannanukku"  as "Baatein Hawayein". Shreya Ghosal, the youngest nightingale of India and the blue eyed girl of 'Maestro' llayaraja is the voice and soul of the album and Vijay Yesudas providing a supporting shoulder.

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{mosimage}This album is a testimony of 'Maestro' Illayaraja's technical wizardry and music knowledge that gets better with time and time. Even though the tunes are old by 25-30 years, he adds layers of real instruments that culimates into an amalgamation of melodies that sweeps off your feet like falling in love, lying those extra moments in bed even after we woke up, having an early morning coffee. Two instrumental pieces 'Theme melody' and 'Saxaphone'. When there is a special rapport between the director and the composer, it definitely sparkles on screen. Ad Man 'Balki' who turns director with "Cheeni Kum" is a self confessed devotee of Raja and he had used his 'Jallanta Jallanta' (Geetanjali) for Lyril, 'Devanin Kovil'  (Alaigal Oyvathillai) for "Complan. It seems Raja wanted to compose fresh tunes for the film as it is just a matter of  "30 minutes" but Balki was adamant that the new generation must be given a chance to hear Raja's Golden Classics.

PC Sreeram the "lens Guru" of Indian Cinema who debuts in Bollywood with this movie has a special word for Illayaraja's re-recording in the movie. A living legend of his own, his words definitely carry those dignity and weightage. Before I wrap up this article let me rush through the tracks of this album, definitely of my favourites order.

1. Jaane Do Na... (Shreya Ghosal) - It is an exciting situation just to visualise Amitabh 'patao'-ing the much younger Tabu and she (reluctantly) requests him to let her go. Raja believed Shreya alone, so he lets her take the center stage without any preludes and the girl utilises the chance to her maximum. She gives the listeners a hard time in choosing what to concentrate on - her melodious voice or pristine orchestration.

2. Theme Melody... (Instrumental) If you are planning for a pleasant evening and want to set the ambience for it, then just play this piece (03:26) that rekindles the sober side of you with doses of pleasant interludes. I am too naive to technically describe this wonderful piece but even as a layman I was able to enjoy it. Just Go For It.....

3. Cheeni Kum... (Shreya Ghosal) - This song's tune and most of the orchestration are faithful to original Mouna Ragam's "Mandram Vandha..", but what I amazed is the mood that this song imparts. The original was a bitter longing number with love, but Shreya Ghosal's version manages to "provoke" the funny instincts of you. This happens to be the title track of the movie also.

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4. Saxophone Melody... (Instrumental) - It turns out to be the last piece of the album, has a naughty appeal to it and is more playful and lively since it moves at a decent pace and ensures some racy happenings on the screen when it is played.

5. Baatein Hawayein... (Shreya Ghosal) - Am eminently hummable number that leaves some smiles on your lips.. not just because of music but of lyrics also. A "Man Vs Woman" situation is here with Amitabh Bachchan lending his vocals for few sentences, no he is not singing..

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