{mosimage}My mom and sister always warns me to be suspicious about strangers whereas I always had a belief that everybody is good human in someways, so I never held myself back when meeting strangers. She was a middle aged lady with a kid and husband passed away last March and introduced herself after going through my blogs. Now looking back most of her conversations revolved around extra marital affairs. But we had some other good topics also as I never encouraged the conversation go crassy. We were slated to meet in October '06 but couldn't. I thought of restarting the friendship on her birthday Jun 2nd. But when I came to Bangalore on a project I remembered her and called her. After few phone calls she called me to meet her on FORUMS mall. Meanwhile one of my colleague (he is much younger than her) whom I considered very close took her number and I didn't mind as I thought he was making fun.


I and my other friend went to meet her and it was a nice meeting. She complained(or raved?) that my colleague was "showoff" person and since I felt closer to him, I managed the situation that "he is a prankster and young guy, so don't mind it". During the meeting she was bit grim, so to easen her I gifted a collection of Charlie Chaplin VCD set and sent her a message to smile a lot. But yesterday I came to know that my 'prankster' colleague and she had developed a sexual relatioship. I was upset and shattered. If it was a LOVE sort of thing I would have risked myself to get them united. But I had facilitated an illicit sexual affair. When I see myself on mirror I feel like a pimp and ashamed. God! please save me from these kind of sl**s.


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I am a SAP Consultant in my late 30s, residing in the happeing IT City - Bangalore. My interests vary from reading to travelling to handicrafts to photography. My latest interest is on Body building. May be this vivid interest keeps me going in my life without getting bored.