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{mosimage}'Amma! Shall we go to the movie today....'
'mm.... what movie?'
'Pachaikili Muthucharam...' I had seen its English version (Derailed, 2005) ma, it is a good thriller.
'mm....' after a long thought (may be she was worried that her mega serials will be cut today) she says "Yes"
Reached the theatre..., movie had already started....
To the vehicle stand man - "Enga! Evlo neram aachu...?" (Ji! How long the movie started..?)
- 'just now.....'

Movie was going on and on and on... May be Gautam Menon, who had three blockbusters in a row and had actually thought of story telling than style this time, had over confidence this time.... I started yawning....

'Enna padam poitteeeee irukku..?' (Why this movie is going on and on..?)

Enter a gawky Jyothika. She never looked so wierd in her career, but why she wanted to do it for her last movie....

Going by my reaction, she smelled the story..... 'Oh! just to empty his bank balance she is doing all things..?'

{mosimage}Oh! I am supposed to write about the movie - Gautham had faithfully copied ("inspired" by cinematic terms) most of the scenes of James Segal's novel & Clive Owen movie "Derailed", even without changing the chronical illness of their son (teenage daughter in original) - Diabetes.

May be if Gautam had copied completely we might have got a good movie (copy adikkirathunnu aayiduchu, muzhusaa enna, paathi enna?), but out of creative instinct (or guilt of lifting) he decided to change the main part of the story - how Sarathkumar (or Cliwe Owen) reacts on knowing that Jyothika (or Jeniffer Aniston) is the master brain behind the happenings.

The movie is terrible in the last 20 minutes, why the hell he made Jyothika come back as the lady don? Instead he must have maintained that she was dead and Milind Soman had survived... A super model like Milind Soman being reduced to the stature of junior artiste is a pathetic career move.

{mosimage}This doesn't mean the movie is too bad... there are many refreshing parts like the slow weaning of Sarath - Andrea's marriage life. Infact Andrea herself is an revelation with an amazing screen presence. If chosen her career seriously, Andrea, a Chennai based Psychology graduate dabbling in theatre and modelling, can definitely carve a niche for herself in Kollywood.

Never mind my verbal bashing about Sarath Kumar, I always liked him for his manliness. PKMC is the only movie of his' where I loved his restrained performance.

As usual Harris - Gautham team is mind boggling, especially the song "Un Sirippinil.." is seductive whereas "Kadhal konjam.." is bewitching. Arvind Krishna's lens work is magical whereas Nirav Shah, who had handled the climax goes bit overboard.

I hoped that this Gautham's movie will mushroom into many unconventional heroes, but PKMC's flop will end up consolidating the typical f***ing hero formula in Tamil cinema.

Gautham, good concept alone doesn't matter but the execution mainly.

After the end credits started rolling, before my mom could say anything, I said "Sorry Ma, I never expected this from Gautham. You could have had a nice time watching your mega serials (those shits were better than Pachaikil....)"

February 19, 2007 9:45 PM - I am writing this mail. Sheepishly I couldn't stop my mom putting 'Arasi' in the living room TV. Normally I don't allow her to put mega serials on the living room TV, but she watches in the bedroom TV.

I don't think I'd dare to call my mom for a movie in near future, that too at the cost of her mega serials...