{mosimage}Nothing succeeds like a success - this is not a glamorous fad, but there is every inch of truth in it. When success comes it brings a whole set of attitude changes along with it and same can be said when it eludes you. It just saps all of your energy making you feel an all time low. At this moment I can definitely feel the changes associated with success and sunshine, as I am feeling an all time low in my professional front. Since nobody can be blamed at this moment, I am just waiting for the right tide. No! I am not romanticising this period of ebb, but striving to float without my morale sinking. It is really a tough time to keep answering the questions of my friends - "What happened to your job front?". Even though I am thankful to all those concerns showered over me, every time that question arises it just takes away something from me leaving myself all energy sapped. Thats the reason I am completely cutting off from the friends and acquaintances, till I can have the answer for their question. I am not depressed when I am alone, but when some guests / phone calls from friends drop in, I get jitters. Previously I couldn't identify with the similar situation, so I had preached my friends "Do this.. Do that..", now I feel them as I am in their shoes right now. Like Ambika once wrote me "This phase will pass by.." and I am just waiting for that.
About myself
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I am a SAP Consultant in my late 30s, residing in the happeing IT City - Bangalore. My interests vary from reading to travelling to handicrafts to photography. My latest interest is on Body building. May be this vivid interest keeps me going in my life without getting bored.