{mosimage}Gulzar, Maniratnam, AR Rahman - these stars come again after the landmark "Dil Se.." after a decade. By the time AR Rahman's career is spiralling towards an all time low, eyes are on these album whether it might give AR Rahman a new lease of life. Don't know whether this will turn tables for ARR or not, but this music manages to take you to the nostalgic times. Also it draws heavy inspirations from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Sufi kinda music - especially "Tere Bina" (ultimate best) and "Aye Hairathe..". An AR Rahman's album grows on you after many hearings only, so at this moment I am refraining myself from commenting which is best or not, but let me brief about what aspects that instantly draw me towards "Guru". I found it surprisingly that even the dialect coaches (normally who go unnoticed with their services restricted to recording sessions only) were also credited on the album jacket.

After a long time AR Rahman takes lot of his regular South based singers, like Chinmayee, Chitra, Hariharan (I am hearing Hari singing for ARR after a l...ong time) and Madras Chorale Group. Also he manages to get his "earlier" sound that he gave Maniratnam in Bombay and Iruvar. May be the periodic placement of the story has lot to do with it. Ofcourse the lyrics have a lilting quality.

{mosimage}1. Tere Bina (AR Rahman, Chinmayee, Murtaza, Qadir):- AR Rahman, aided with Chinmayee does his tribute to Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Sufi sound. The magical humming "Dhumdhara Dhumdhara Mast Mast.." sets the tempo for this song. "Bin Tere Kya Jeena.." is a love banter between the lovers who keep cooing how they can't live without others. This song has some amazing interludes. This is the song thats being aired in promos now shot at my favourite tourist spot - Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal, Madurai.

2. Maiyya! Maiyya (Mariyam Toller, Chinmayee, Keerthi):- Song written and composed with "sex bomb" Mallika Sherawat in mind, is a typical Arabic style number. Toranto based Maryam Toller makes her Bollywood debut supported by Chennai based Chinmayee & Keerthi. The song evokes visuals of semi lit tents with sexy Mallika Sherawat doing the belly dance act, just like 7up advt. I can't stop remembering the "Tu hi tu.." flashing then and there especially the recital sort of things appear.

3. Aye Hairathe (Hariharan, Alka Yagnik, AR Rahman, Aslam Mohammed):- This song is the another or extended version of "Bin Tere Kya Jeena..". Its starting with tabla beats & mouth organ (?) kind of sound is really warming. Hariharan and Alka Yagnik step behind the mike to croon this song. Hari sounds eternally romantic with a touch of naughty in love. This orchestration is different from "Bin Tere..". More on lyrics in coming posts.

4:- Jaage Hain (Chitra, AR Rahman, Madras Chorale Group):- This is the melodious song of the album, which is soothing as a lullaby. For such a song, who can be best other than our own KS Chitra. This is the song that has Madras Chorale Group showcasing their talents. It is a symphony sort of western orchestration with AR Rahman providing the vocals. Probably this might be the climax number.

5. Barso Re (Shreya Ghosal, Uday Mazumdar):- AR Rahman's blue eyed girl Shreya Ghosal starts with the naughty streak "Na! Na! Re.." and it instantly creates the visuals of Aishwarya rai prancing in rain. The steady rhythm and beats make you tap your foot. AR Rahman balances between her sweet voice and the mild orchestration. This promises to be the introduction song sort of for Ash in the movie. 

{mosimage}6. Ek Lo Ek Muft (Bappi Lahiri, Chitra, Tanvi, Saloni, Boney, Jaidev):- In an interview Gulzar has mentioned that this is one of his recent favourites. In the movie Ash gives birth to twins, so she sings - "Ek Lo Ek Muft.." (Take one, get one free). Veteran composer Bappi Lahri debuts as singer for other composers with this AR Rahman song (a la MSV in Tamil?). As usual the chorus "Joyye, Joyye.." is a fun to listen. A song that suggests it to be a rustic village number with rural Hindi slang. I personally feel that this might appeal well with visuals.

7. Baazi Laga (Udit Narayan, Madhusree, Shwetha, Bhargavee):- Don't know whether the it is the coincidence of words (Baazi Lagaa) that reminded me of another "Baazi Lagaa" from "One Two Ka Four", with Udit Narayan adding one more connection. This is the (probably only) fast number of the album. Again don't know why - it reminds me of "September Maadham" (Alaipayuthey) from same Mani Sir - ARR team. If you leave your brains out while hearing, you'll like this number. With funky orchestrations and programmed beats, this is the sonly song of this movie that qualifies to be played on discotheques & pubs. 

{mosimage}This album may sound little alien for Gen X or Y, but it might go on as one of the timeless classics by Maniratnam - AR Rahman team whose list is preceded with Roja, Thiruda Thiruda, Bombay, Dil Se, Saathiya and Yuva. Lot depends on the success of the movie also, and if it manages to hit the bulls eye, it can provide the needed buoy to the songs also. If there is any song in "Guru" that will solely thrive on its merit - it is "Tere Bina.." and if there is anything that depends more on picturisation, they are "Maiyya! Maiyya!" and "Ek Lo Ek Muft". Again Mani Sir being the best film maker will ensure that the songs will be presented beautifully. Remember the sceptism that came with "Uyire.." (Bombay) being dead slow, but sheerly with its picturisation it went on to become a classic. Infact that Beckal fort, Kasargode never looked so stunning in any of the movies after that)

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