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PerumazhakalamKamal's next offering after the critically acclaimed "Manjnu Pol Oru Penkutty" is the offbeat movie called "Perumazhakalam". Kamal as usual is not depending on super stars, enters the race soley backed by a strong story. This time he chose to make film on female protagonists. When thinking of a strong author backed female lead, who will be the best choice other than National Award Winner Meera Jasmine? For another role in parallel with hers is Kavya Madhavan who had proved her mettle in the box office was an apt choice.

{tab=Story}Kavya Madhavan in 'Perumazhakalam'The story revolves around an innocent Brahmin girl Ganga (Kavya Madhavan) whose world, her husband Vineeth working in Gulf, comes to a screech halt when the news arrives that he had been killed by a fellow Malayalee (Dileep). Meanwhile a young muslim girl Razia (Meera Jasmine) is trying her best to meet Ganga. The story takes a turn when Ganga comes to know that she is after her to get a letter of pardon to release her husband Dileep. After much struggle Meera Jasmine makes it and Ganga gives her a hearing, convinced she gives the pardon letter so that her husband can be exonerated and given a fresh lease of life. But there takes place another twist in the story.

The movie starts at the gloomy note preparing the viewers to be ready to travel though the pains of the lead characters. This movie is the revisit to 70's style of story telling. Kamal didn't bother to add the commercial elements like comedy or item number. The screen play is nice and the only time you like walking out of the theatre is during the second duet between Dileep and Meera Jasmine (Kallayi kadavathu…). When the proceedings are getting intense and you are identifying the pains of Raziya, the misplacement of this melody song is something you are not ready to forgive. Carry two tissue boxes while going for this movie. Everyone cries especially Meera Jasmine in a bit loud fashion and Kavya Madhavan more subtly. They cry more than what they had been paid. But there are moments you feel like crying when you identify with the characters.

This movie is strictly not for those who are looking for a timepass movie. If you really like a good experience, prepared to undergo the pains and travails of the protagonists unconditionally and a lover of good cinema, this movie is something I recommend with whole heart.

{tab=Performances}Meera JasmineMeera Jasmine:It would be the news if Meera Jasmine hadn't performed well. She had lived in the role of Razia. There is an actress who is dependable by the directors to carry the movie on her shoulders. In fact this is a Meera's movie out-and-out. She gets into the depth of the character that you tend to believe that this is Razia, not Meera. To pick some notable moments… the way she collapses hearing the capital sentence of her husband, one at the momentary happiness that flashes in the gloomy face when she comes to know about the last chance of her husband's life, her angst and violent behaviour against the TV crew, her protest against the uncle who tries to molest her taking advantage of her helpless situation, are the few to say. She is an actress who takes and loves cinema seriously…. who doesn't mind falling on the feet of other actors on the screen…. I started respecting Meera Jasmine after this movie.

PerumazhakalamKavya Madhavan: Her second movie with Kamal after Madhuranombarakatru. She had portrayed the role of a Brahmin girl role very convincingly. The best part is she looks like a Tamil Brahmin girl 100%. No traces of her Malayali nativity. Kamal has fetched the best out of Kavya. Realising the beauty of her asset - eyes, he lets her eyes speak volumes than words. In fact you can write the whole dialogues mouthed by Kavya behind the movie ticket. Even though the movie belongs to Meera Jasmine, it is Kavya Madhavan who scores towards the end. Her widow garbs and the calm face is haunting me in the nights. A strong contendor to Meera Jasmine for this year's awards.

Rain: This is another important character of the movie heightening the dramatic moments. It is raining in every shot. Every single frame is washed with rain. It is hard to imagine this movie without rain. Gloomy clouds complement the broody mood of the movie. Kerala looks stunning with rainy Kerala.

Supporting cast: Among the supporting cast, Mamu Khoya as father of Raziya is simply mind blowing. Since the story takes place in a week, the continuity of his unshaven beard and every minute details are taken care of. Another best performance is by Salim Kumar as a nagging uncle of Dileep. I hated him and then realised that this actor has succeeded. Biju Menon, once hero & husband of Samyukta Varma, is competent even though his role is very small. Dileep is at his best in the fewer moments he is on screen.

{tab=Music}Music: Music had always been a strong aspect in Kamal's movie barring few exceptions like "Manjnu Pol…". MG Radhakrishnan was a good choice for this movie. All the songs are melodious and in sync with the movie. Especially "Mehruba…" picturised on Meera & Dileep, "Chentharmizhi…" on Vineeth & Kavya Madhavan. Hope the quality team of MG Radhakrishnan & Kamal continues. Before this the best comination with Kamal was Vidyasagar whose all the movies are evergreen hits like Niram, Madhuranombarakatru, Azhagia Ravanan & Gramaphone.

KamalKamal is a star director in Malayalam whose films sell on his name. He is a versatile director constantly re-inventing himself. He could make sensitive films like "Ulladakkam", "Meghamalhar" and on other hand he makes Bollywood-ish feel good movies like "Niram", "Swapnakoodu" and "Manjnu Pol Oru Pen kutty". Kamal has this knack of discovering hidden talents rather than going for established stars. Normally he works with a heroine twice only. But for the first time he had taken Meera Jasmine for the third time in short intervals after Gramaphone & Swapnakoodu. The few others list goes like this...

Shalini - 1. Niram, 2. Kai Koodanna Nilavu
Samyuka Varma - 1. Madhuranombarakatru, 2. Megha malhar
Manju Warrier - 1. Krishnagudiyil Oru Pranayakalathu, 2. Ee Puzhayum kadannu
Bhavana Menon- 1. Nammal, 2. Swapnakoodu
Shobana - 1. Ulladakkam, 2. Mazhayethum Mumbe