{mosimage}Everybody tears the calendar leaves in forward direction while some do it in the reverse fashion. They get better and beautiful with the passage of time. They win over the time as it couldn't leave any impact over them physically. Cute, petite Bhumika a.k.a Bhumika Chawla in Bollywood is one such person who grows in reverse fashion. I liked her in Telugu movies but didn't have much of opinion about her until I rediscovered her in "Sillunnu Oru Kadhal / Nuvvu Nenu Prema". I should thank Asin for rediscovering Bhumika thatshe stepped in as a last minute replacement for Asin, who walked out saying that the role didn't enthuse her much. Admitted the role / character in the question has no great shakes, but Bhumika's charismatic presence made the role special. Sometimes we may keep seeing a person for long but one fine moment they look better we chose to like them more, Bhumika falls in the same category. Even though I had been seeing her for past 6 years, I fell in love with her after I saw "Sillunnu Oru Kadhal".

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In simple plain churidars and a timid rich girl, Bhumika was wonderful and a sheer delight to watch. Even though she is in her late 20's (D.O.B reported to be 21/08/1978), she was very much younger like a 17 yr old first year college girl. Infact she and Jyothika made their debuts in Telugu and Tamil respectively around the same time. But in "SOK", Bhumika looks years and years younger than Jyothika, making Jo like an young aunty. Thats why I raised the doubt - whether Bhumika tears her calendar in reverse? Even though she hadn't done any Tamil movies for 5 years, she was in circulation through her modelling assignments that fetched her fans from all sex and strata. Best of her advts. is the one for "Chakra Gold" - where she appeared as an young mother and "Swayamvara" Silk sarees in which she was a princess in "Swayamvar". Everytime I see her in those advertisements, I used to think that she is not fit for the films where looking sexy and glamorous is inevitable.

{mosimage}When "Bhadri" was released I used to make fun of this girl that some ant had bitten her lower lips and something had eaten her chin so she has a cleft. Also in the same movie, on a scene in temple where she advices Vijay to be serious in life, she was just saying 1...2...3...1...2...3, whereas the dubbing artiste rendered the appropriate dialogues. Whenever that scene comes, we always used to have a hearty laughter. She was bit gawky at that time and on the whole Bhumika was a laughing experience for us. After "Rojakoottam" Bhumika disappeared from the Tamil scene. I had seen the promos / scenes of Telugu version of "Khushi", the role played by Jyothika in the original. She totally cheated the Tamil audience with the insipid performance in "Bhadri" & an average one in "Rojakoottam". She was mesmerising in "Khushi (2001)" and even won a Filmfare award for best actress. I still remember that function, she came over the stage in red "jari" studded sleeveless churidar and gave a beautiful impromptu speech. After that I didn't see much of Bhumika as I got "engaged" with Jyothika and Meera Jasmine in Tamil. But some where that childish smile with "mickey mouse" teeth and a calm face remained in me forever.

Infact Mumbai based Bhumika was noticed in "Fair and Lovely" soap advt., by Telugu director Karunakaran who had directed the famous "Toli Prema" (my most fave telugu movie) and launched her opposite to Nagarjuna's nephew Sumanth in "Yuvakudu". Even though it didn't fare well at box office, she was noticed and sky rocketed to fame with "Khushi". The success of "Khushi" brought her its share of gossips also linking her with the director SJ Suryah. Her second ever movie was "Bhadri" in Tamil and followed by "Rojakoottam" in 2001. After a lean period in 2002 with the flop of "Vasu" with Venkatesh and "Snehamante Idhera" (remake of Tamil / malayalam hit "Friends") with Nagarjuna, Bhumika had her share of hits in Telugu with the year 2003 being the pinnacle of her career so far. She had a hat trick of hits in 2003 starting with "Okkadu" and followed by "Simhadri" & "Missiamma" and Telugu media annointed her as No. 1. She had a powerful author backed role in "Missiamma" as Shylaja, a rich heiress who creates havoc in the marital life of her employee, while she was a dasmel in distress in "Okkadu" and a glamorous prop in "Simhadri". Around the same time she was bewitched by Bollywood and stopped signing Telugu films.

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{mosimage}In 2003, released "Tere Naam" - a Hindi remake of Tamil blockbuster "Sethu", she played as innocent "Nirjara" and it was a perfect launch pad for her personality - as a "homely heroine" in Hindi opposite to Salman Khan. She followed up with another Tamil remake - "Run" in Hindi as well that established her as a mainstream Bollywood heroine. After a long time I saw Bhumika in "Dil Jo Bhi Kahey.." along with Amitabh Bacchan & Revathy. Bhumika had a short but sweet role and made her presence felt amidst of powerhouses like Big B and Revathy. Bollywood media eulogised her as new "girl next door" and drew comparisions with Bhagyasree Patwardhan, who wowed the nation with "Maine Pyar Kiya". But Bhumika had been running short of luck in Bollywood as almost all of her releases except "Tere Naam" were colossal flops.

The best trait of Bhumika is the way she conducts herself. The media hails her as an well read, balanced and a straight forward character. Even in the trying times and rough patch, she conducts herself with a dignity and respect. She is the one of the rare species in the film industry who was reported to slog on the sets like an assistant director. She never retorted to sexy mode just the way other so called "girls next door - Preeti Jhangiani & Hrishita Bhatt, or even Tabu, who took off their dresses on screen when their career didn't take off. She was seen involved in some social causes like helping the rain affected people, awareness programmes and other similiar sort f things. May be her love affair with the renowned Yoga instructor - Bharat Thakur proves as a stabilising factor and practising Art of Living works beautifully on her, thus eliminating the stresses of insecurity normally associated with the show business.

{mosimage}Still she continues to get good roles in Telugu & Hindi and Bhumika had decided to return where actually her success is - Tollywood. She had established herself as a dependable actress through "Khushi", "Missiamma" and Telugu version of "Autograph". Her last year releases in Telugu - "Jai Chiranjeeva" and "Naa Autograph" were wash-outs and Bhumika is pinning her hopes on "Maya Bazaar", in which she has a strong role from the same "Missiamma" team, for a re-entry in Telugu. In Tamil she made a re-entry through "Sillunnu Oru Kadhal" after half a decade. News is abuzz that she had accepted a negative role in Kamal Hassan's "Dasavatharam". She had done just 3 movies in Tamil over five years while had acted in 11 Telugu movies and 8 Hindi movies till date.

{mosimage}Bhumika is said to be fluent in Tamil and giving most of her regional interviews in that language, even though she had done only three movies in Tamil till date. May be most of movies are Tamil remakes, she might have picked the language while watching the originals. I simply love Bhumika for the very simple fact that she respects other languages (just like me... ha! ha! ha!). No matter what, I wish she accepts more Tamil movies in future. Being elusive, no language fan had got enough of Bhumika. But I think that's the secret of her long innings in acting career. When you want more of her, she just disappears making you gasping for more. When you are about to give up, she resurfaces and the tryst continues. A perfect case of "Intermittent reinforcement". Ha! Ha! Ha!.
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