If I was posed this question whether I have seen any most beautiful places on the earth some 1-2 years ago, then I would have said a big "NO". If the same question was posed to me this day I will say I had been to one of the most beautiful places in the earth - Thirumurthy hills.Thirumurthy Hills is located at 20 kms from the Udumalpet Highways and about 80 kms from Coimbatore. This is a least exposed beautiful place that too only to the Malayalam film industry (No Malayalam film is complete without shooting a song sequence here, e.g Friends (Friends in tamil), Aniyathipravu (Kadhalukku Mariyadhai), Meesha Madhavan & the list is endless, Sangamam, Janakiraman & Kizhakkuvasal a few to name in Tamil .

The way I came to know about this place itself is interesting. I was seeing this scene from a movie, at that time my cousin was telling that this is Thirumurthy temple. I loved that location and was asking to all my friends how to be there. They were saying "No! We have just heard about it but not been there". Somehow I came to know that it is near Udumalpet. I just went to Udumalpet, got down in the town bus stand. I saw the board reading "Thirumurthy Hills". On the way it was heavily raining, so we had closed the windows. I couldn't see the way side too. I went there, it was a dead end. The bus stops before the temple. I prayed to the Lord Aamanalingeshwarar and was sitting in the "Pragaram".

Some people were going in the hills. I asked a person where they are going, he replied to waterfalls.

I just started walking towards the hill. It was not a big hill but since it was raining the path was wet, somewhat slippery in someparts. Also the gloomy clouds letting sun rays intermittently was presenting the whole location in a magical light. It was really beautiful. The trees were wet, so the greens were very fresh. Really I feel what I am writing is not wholly conveying the beauty I had seen there.

The waterfalls there is not so big or full of water, it is solely dependent on the rainfall. if it rains heavily the waterflow will be wild. I had seen the fall totally dry without a drop of water too later. Since that day was an "Amavasa" day, there were lots of family crowds. If you go above the falls you can see a water cave as well as a group of Gods. I just made a round of them and on coming back I saw this twines of trees. I had only 4 snaps left in my camera, so I spent one on that. I couldn't keep my camera for an automatic mode because there were lots of monkeys around there.

I came back and on the return journey only I saw that there is this beautiful river and a hillock behind it. I decided I must come back to this place again.

My second visit to Thirumurthy hills was an altogether different experience. This time the weather was very dry. There was not even a drop of water in the main falls. I took some photos but that lush green element was missing. And the monkeys were too much and I was having this "Naaval pazham" packet in my hand. Some monkeys rushed towards me. I threw some towards them but they wanted only the whole packet. Not just pieces. It was a comical experience to escape from them.

I got down and I was strolling in the riverside. Even then the water level was somewhat high. There were some tides also due to the pressure. I was walking all along the water for a long distance.

Since it was a Sunday, a large number of youngsters were there. A school excursion from North India was there, it was a beautiful experience watching someone having fun. I never felt that I am lonely. All the times I had been to Thirumurthy Hills all alone. This time too... I was feeling very peaceful. I was just lying down for sometime. This time I took Thirumurthy hills close to my heart. there is something in this place that makes me feel happy and relaxed. I decided to comeback to this place more often.

The next visit was a memorable one. It was raining heavily on a Saturday. It tickled me to go to Thirumurthy Hills the next day. This time I had enough snaps in my camera. I wanted to leave so earlier that I can have a bath there in the river. But I overslept and I woke up at 6:00 A.M. I went to all the way to Pollachi in my bike and from there I went to Udumalpet by bus. It was with lesser crowd even at 9:00 A.M. I got down in the previous stop itself, went to the river, had a nice bath. I even shot a couple of photos in swimming trunks, the experience was a chilling one. Then I changed to my casuals i.e Jeans and T-Shirt, and clicked many photos. I must say it looked very good as the lighting were perfect.

This time the waterflow was very wild. All the rocks were glowing in the choclate brown colour. God! I have never seen such a beautiful location on my life till date. It was very camera friendly. I loved to have a bath. But I had this stalker following me since the temple. Since I came all alone, I feared to keep my things on the rocks to have a bath. If someone takes away my dresses, how can I come down to Coimbatore in a brief? I was feeling bad to miss that water current. this time I have made up my mind that I must come with my friends to have a bath here.

No matter how may times I come here, I always end up leaving the place with the thirst of coming back more and more.

Now I am recommending every of my friends and relatives to visit Thirumurthy Hills. So do I to you all. If you love nature, greens, water and a camera friendly location, not necessarily in that order, then Thirumurthy hills is definitely a place for you.

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