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{mosimage}Meera Jasmine and controversies go hand-in-hand. The latest to rock the state is Meera’s secret visit to the famous Raja Rajaeswari temple in Taliparamba near Kannur in Kerala along with Govindan Kutty a producer and devotee of that temple where non-Hindus are not allowed. Meera, a Syrian Christian and a Marthomite from Tiruvalla has not only entered and prayed at the temple but also conducted a special pooja under her name and astrological star Visakham! Remember that this temple is very famous ever since former Chief Minster of Tamilnadu Jayalaithaa visited and did the same Pooja. This special Pooja is done to get your wishes granted.

Now a huge controversy is brewing for allowing the actress, who is a non-Hindu inside the gates of the temple and doing this pooja. It is obvious that Govindan Kutty knew the priests or else Meera would not be able to enter the temple at 8.30 pm just before the temple was to be closed for the day! And when she was leaving in a hush-hush manner someone noticed and when questioned Govindan Kutty replied that Meera has changed her religion and became a Hindu!

But when Meera came to know that the temple authorities are going to take action against her, she has asked them not to make this an issue and she is willing to seek pardon. Said Meera: “I don’t believe in any religion and as a habit I visit all places of worship like churches and temples. I have not changed my religion and visiting Temples and Churches give me great mental strength and peace”.

But a lot of people believe that Meera is a staunch believer in Hinduism as she regularly visits Mookambika Temple, Kollur and even carries a picture of the God wherever she goes on locations.

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My Comment on this issue:-

I really feel this incident is a shame for Hindu community as whole.

When people from some other race respects your religion and even follow it, you must appreciate their gesture, not create a ruckus. I personally feel it is already shameful that certain caste members, even though Hindu & in some temples females are not allowed into the temple premises. Every human is same in the eyes of God.

I used to visit the church in Four Roads, Salem along with my friend, even with "thiruneeru" in my forhead. Nobody stopped me from entering the church.

If other religion people are not supposed to enter the Hindu temples, do this means to say that all Hindu Gods will save only people in India & NRI Hindus? Shame on the society.... I STRONGLY SAY CHAUVINISTIC HINDU SOCIETY....

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